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Yarn Embroidery Book Cover
Yarn Embroidery Book Cover

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Intermediate

Use the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition and the Brush out Embroidery Kit to create this easy and fun book cover! The Special Edition provides the perfect designs for a unique look. The Yarn embroidery brush out kit offers several designs that can be brushed for the furry or chenille look. But the specialty foot can also be used to embroider straight stitch quilt designs. Some of the built in embroidery quilt designs that include stippling are just the right adventure for this foot.

Janome Supplies Required
o Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition
o Tear away stabilizer
o Clothsetter 11000
o Embroidery Hoop SQ
o Brush out Embroidery Kit
o ¼” foot “O”
o Clear nylon thread
o Pre-wound bobbin
o Blue Tip needle 11

Fabric and Notions Required:
• Straight pins
• Iron on tear away Stabilizer
• Fabric marking pen
• Composition Notebook
• Ruler
• Fabric
 - One piece cotton – 21” x 28”

Fabric preparation

1. Mark crosshairs on fabric 10 ½” in from one short end and 10 ½” down from the long side.

2. Set up the Memory Craft 11000 for Professional Embroidery.
3. Thread the machine with clear nylon thread for the needle and a pre-wound embroidery thread bobbin.
4. Attach the Yarn Embroidery Foot.
5. Thread the yarn through the foot according to the instructions. Note – the black cones are optional.
6. It is suggested for this technique that the yarn be hand held for more accurate guiding.
7. Adjust the stitch speed to 400 spm.
8. Select edit, select the Quick Design Menu, option #4, thumbnail option #19.


9. Select the option for the core design with the stippling only.

10. Select deisgn #19.


11. Select the sizing tab and increase the design to 120%.


12. Select ok to proceed to the ready to sew screen.
13. Hoop stabilized fabric.
14. For perfect placement use the clothsetter and align cross hair marks on fabric to cross hairs on clothsetter arm. Note – see included instructions with the Clothsetter.
15. To start - the cut end of the yarn must be held to the fabric with your finger so that it doesn’t travel. After a few stitches, trim away the excess yarn tail and remove your finger and continue.
16. Set up machine for ordinary sewing and attach ¼” foot.
17. With right sides together fold in half lengthwise and sew down the long side.

18. With right sides still together, turn under the short ends ½” and press.

19. Top stitch both short ends (in the round using the free arm) for a hemmed finish.
20. Turn right side out, center the design and press.
21. Insert hard covers of Composition note book into open ends of Book Cover Sock.
22. Mark measurement of flaps with pins.


23. Remove Composition note book and press flaps.
24. Insert Composition notebook.


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