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Wrist Purse
Wrist Purse

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

The Wrist Purse is a delightful accessory for the gal on the go. The embroidery featured on the purse was created in the Digitzer Jr software program and showcases some of the many sensational functions. Design combining and color editing are just some of the things you can learn making this petite purse. It is exciting to see just how many different options are available using Digitizer Junior.

Janome Supplies Required
o Memory Craft 11000, 10000, 10001, 9700, 9500, or 350E
o Digitizer Junior
o Iron-on and cut away stabilizer
o USB, ATA PC Card or USB Memory Key
o Clothsetter 11000 or 10000
o Embroidery Hoop SQ or ST
o Embroidery Foot P
o ¼” foot “O”
o Zipper Foot “E”
o Button Foot
o Embroidery thread as listed for the design
o Thread to match fabric
o Pre-wound bobbin and bobbin wound with thread to match fabric
o Blue Tip needle 11

Fabric and Notions Required:

o One 12” square (if using the SQ hoop) and one 6 ½” square of solid color cotton fabric
o One 7” zipper
o One 21” length of cording for strap


1. Open Digitizer Junior.
2. Select the machine and hoop to be used. (Memory Craft 11000, hoop SQ)
3. Select Embroidery from the top toolbar, select Insert Design. Note – file open can also be used for the first design. Designs can be inserted from other locations i.e. external memory devices.


4. Select Flower8.jan from the Embroidery Album, select open.


5. While the design is still selected move it to left of the center of the hoop. Note – one grid square away from the vertical center line and one grid sqaure away from the center of the horizontal grid line.


6. Select Copy and Mirror to Corners from the bottom tool bar, then select apply (green button with the check in the center).


7. Select embroidery, select insert design, then select Daisy.Jan from the Embroidery Album, select open. Note – for adding designs the File Open option will replace the original design.

8. While the Daisy is still selected move it down a little to center it within the four flowers.

9. To change the color of the blue daisies select View from the top toolbar, select Show, select Selected Color Only and select Sky #217.


10. Select the Select option from the bottom toolbar (Hand) to select the sky blue parts of the daisy, select Crimson #265 from the color chart to change the petals to match the other flower colors.


11. Select View, Show, All Objects to return to the hoop and view that all the flowers are the same color.

12. Select External Media from the top toolbar, select write a design, select the memory device to be used.

13. Select name and change the name to Flowers2011.jef, then select write.
14. Remove the memory device from the computer and insert into the Memory Craft 11000.
15. Set up the Memory Craft 11000 for Professional Embroidery.
16. Select Open file, select the design and proceed to the ready to sew screen.
17. Adhere the iron on stabilizer to the 12’ square of solid color cotton fabric.
18. Using the clothsetter for perfect placement, hoop the 12” square of solid color cotton fabric and place on the embroidery arm of the machine.
19. Stitch out design.
20. Once the design is complete remove the hoop from machine and then remove fabric from hoop.
21. Trim the embroidered fabric to yield a 6 ½” square. Note – using a 6 ½” square ruler it is possible to place the design on point.

22. The remaining 6 ½” square of fabric cut across one of the corners.


23. Set up the Memory Craft 11000 for Ordinary Sewing and attach the zipper foot.
24. Sew the zipper to join the two cut pieces. Note – sew approximately 1/8” away from the zipper teeth.

25. Round all corners.

26. Attach the Button foot and bar tack the zipper approximately 1/8” in from the raw edge. Note – the zipper may need to be altered to fit.
27. Tie the cut ends of the cord in a knot and pin at the top of the embroidered fabric.


28. Attach the ¼” foot “O”.
29. With right sides together and the zipper partially open sew all four sides.
30. Before turning right side out place the cut away stabilizer on the wrong side of the embroidered piece and stitch on top of the previous stitches. Note – this will hide and protect the wrong side of the embroidery.
31. Turn right side out and press using a pressing cloth.





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