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Wine Glass Flip Flops pattern available
Wine Glass Flip Flops

Created by: Amy Meek

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Level: Beginner
Time: 2 hours

These coasters make up fast and easy and can be embroidered or decorated as you choose. They would make a great hostess gift or party favor and would identify stemmed classes for party goers!!!

Janome Supplies Required
Any Janome Sewing Machine
F foot or Ultra Glide Foot

Fabric and Notions Required
An Iron or Press
Supplies Needed
¼ yard of four fabrics or at least a 5 inch by 5 inch square of fabric
¼ yard ultra -heavy craft interfacing such as Timtex iron on
¼ yard Heat N Bond
¼ yard rubberized shelf paper
4 – 6 inch pieces of ¼ inch elastic

1. Cut fabric into 5” squares.
2. Using the template supplied cut 4 bases of interfacing, Heat N Bond and shelf paper.
3. Adhere the 5” square piece of fabric to the iron-on side (after removing the film) of the interfacing, pressing the fabrics wrong side to the iron-on side of the interfacing.
4. Trim the fabric to the shape of the interfacing with enough extra fabric to fold over the edge of the interfacing.
5. Press the raw edges to the white side of interfacing (it will stick when pressed).
6. Using the mark on the template, secure the center of the elastic to the top of the Flip Flop by straight stitching it along the width of the fabric, reverse over your stitching and stitch again.
7. Stretch elastic to side mark and stitch in place following the same method.
8. Fold raw edge of elastic under the flip flop.
9. Press the Heat N Bond to the bottom of the Flip Flop. Remove paper and center shelf paper on Heat N Bond.
10. Press from fabric side of flip flop (you could also glue this on if you don’t wish to use Heat and Bond).

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