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Victorian Appliquéd Vase pattern available
Victorian Appliquéd Vase

Created by: Sheryl Capps

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Level: All

Sheryl used Memory Card #119 (Australian Floral Designs) and silk dupioni to create a Victorian Vase of Embroidered Flowers. Sheryl says, “ This project is great to let your imagination flourish.” It can be made to match any home dÈcor or would make a great gift idea!

Janome Supplies Required:

  • Memory Craft 10000, 9000, 5700, 5000 or 8000
  • Card Reader 10000 (for MC10000 only)
  • Memory Card #119(Australian Floral)
  • Standard Hoop
  • Embroidery foot P
  • Clothsetter 10000III, II or I
  • Pintuck Foot
  • Janome Embroidery thread
  • Janome Bobbin thread
  • Blue Tip needle 75/11
  • Twin needle

Fabric and Notions Required:

  • 20” x 22” piece of off-white dupioni
  • 10” x 10” piece of pink dupioni
  • Tear away stabilizer
  • Glass seed beads
  • Fabric marking pen

Download Vase and Fern patterns as a PDF, and print out. Note: Printed-out vase pattern should be approximately 5 1/2" high. Individual printers may vary.

Requires the free Acrobat
Reader 4.0 or greater.

  1. Trace the vase and fern onto the 20” x 22” piece of fabric.
  2. Position the vase four inches from the bottom of fabric.
  3. Extend fern to go into top of vase.
  4. Pintuck the 10” x 10” piece of pink dupioni using the twin needle and Pintuck Foot.
  5. Cut the vase by positioning the pattern over the pintuck fabric having the pintucks slanting to the left.

  1. Thread machine with Janome Embroidery thread, using color of choice.
  2. Select the Patchwork stitch. Adjust the width to 5.0 and length to 2.5.
    • MC10000 ñ Stitch #94
    • MC9000 ñ Stitch #28
    • MC5700 ñ Stitch #32
    • MC5000 ñ Stitch #16
    • MC8000 ñ Stitch #25
  3. Start sewing from the bottom of the fern to the end, adjusting the width while sewing.
  4. Select the Sculpture stitch. Using same shade of thread, sew down the middle of the fern.
    • MC10000 ñ Stitch #71
    • MC9000 ñ Stitch #122
    • MC5700 ñ Stitch #28
    • MC5000 ñ Stitch #5
    • MC8000 ñ Stitch #101
  5. Position pintuck vase over the traced vase. Appliquè using the zig-zag stitch. Adjust the width to 2.5 and length to 3.5.
    • MC10000 ñ Stitch #8
    • MC9000 ñ Stitch #8
    • MC5700 ñ Stitch #6
    • MC5000 ñ Stitch #7
    • MC8000 ñ Stitch #4

Note: The backside of the pintucks was placed right side up to create a textured look.
  1. Set up your Memory Craft for Professional Style embroidery.
  2. The arrangement of the flowers was created using Memory Card #119 (Australian Flowers). Design #5, #8, #9, #13, #22, #27 and #28 were used for the flower arrangement.

Note: The designs on Memory Card #35 (Australian Floral) may vary. When substituting designs, always try to have the pieces touching or part of one design slightly under another.
  1. To layout your design place the templates for each design on the fabric and arrange as desired. Mark the crosshairs for each design using a fabric marking pen.
    Hint: While the templates are arranged make a note referencing the order they should be embroidered in. If you have any large gaps once the embroidery is completed simply fill in with smaller flowers.
  2. Use the Clothsetter to perfectly position fabric. Attach the embroidery hoop to the machine. Stitch.
  3. Sew beads to the vase in even intervals along the pintucks.
  4. Have your work of art framed and enjoy in your home.

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