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Travel Set - Document Purse
Travel Set - Document Purse

Created by: Amy Meek

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Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Time: 2 Hours

While travelling, you can sometimes misplace or lose your purse or breifcase. It's important to keep your documents on you at all times so that they cannot get lost. You can use this easy over the shoulder bag to keep your documents in so that you can leave it on for your trip.

Janome Supplies Required:

  • Walking Foot / AcuFeed Foot / Narrow AccuFeed Flex Foot

Fabrics and Notions Required:

  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • 1/3 yard neoprene
  • 1/8 yard clear vinyl
  • 3 yards double fold bias tape (you can make your own)



  1. Cut one piece of neoprene 7 inches by 12 inches and two pockets 7 inches by 4 ½ inches.
  2. Cut one pocket out of clear vinyl 7 inches by 8 inches
  3. On one side 7 inch side of each pocket piece using the bias tape enclose the raw edge. This is easier using your walking foot.
  4. Place the clear pocket and a small pocket with the tape toward the top of the large neoprene rectangle matching the 7 inch raw edges. Place the other pocket on the side of the large neoprene and baste the pockets in place.
  5. Cut a piece of bias tape 36 inches long and top stitch long edge closed for handle. Baste handle in place on bag and tuck length in pocket. (this keeps it out of the way)
  6. Encase all raw edges with remaining bias tape and top stitch it in place.
  7. To make a closure make a fabric loop on the bottom of the bag and use a ribbon, cord or top stitched bias tape length on top flap.

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