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Towel on the Go
Towel on the Go

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

It’s a towel, it’s a tote bag, it’s a pillow! Whether you are off to the pool, the beach or to a park nearby this “Towel on the GO!” has it all. Well it is not being used as a tote just place the strap inside the pocket for safe keeping.

Janome Supplies Required
o Any Janome Sewing machine
o ¼” foot “O”
o Satin stitch foot “F”
o Button Sewing foot (optional)
o Buttonhole foot “R”
o Even feed walking foot
o Thread to match fabric
o Bobbin wound with thread to match fabric
o Blue Tip needle 11


Fabric and Notions

• One Towel – 27” x 52”
• Two – 13” squares of print cotton fabric for the pocket
• One – 6” x 24” strip of solid cotton fabric for the strap
• One - 1½” x 22” strip of batting or felt for the strap
• Two – 1” round flat buttons

Note - . In the event the towel you will be using has different dimensions, measure the short end of the towel and divide by two. (i.e. towel is 30” x 52” then cut two 15” squares – rounding off to the whole number is acceptable.)


1. Attach the ¼” foot “O” and adjust the stitch length to 2.6.
2. Take the two 13” squares and round off the corners.
3. With right sides together and leaving a 3” opening for turning, sew all four sides.
4. Turn right side out, press and then hand sew the opening closed.
5. Replace the ¼” foot “O” with the button sewing foot.
6. At the top and in the center sew on one the button. Set aside.


7. Attach the satin stitch foot “F” and adjust the stitch length to 2.6..
8. Take the 6” x 24” strip of fabric and on the wrong side of the fabric place the batting or felt. Place at the edge of one of the long sides 1” down from both short ends.


9. Using the side of the foot as a guide stitch the batting to the fabric.
10. Turn down the short ends and press.
11. Fold the fabric over and around the batting until only the raw edge remains.
12. Turn under the raw edge and place inside the previous fold and press.


13. Adjust the stitch length to 3.0 and top stitch both long sides of the strap.
14. Attach the buttonhole foot.
15. Place one of the buttons in the button sizing portion of the foot. Sew buttonholes at the short ends of the strap.



16. Place the fabric square with the button side down on the lower left hand corner of the towel. Note – the button will be at the top so do not sew the top.



17. Attach the even feed walking foot and adjust the stitch length to 4.0.
18. Using the side of the foot as a guide, sew the three sides. Do not sew the side with the button.


19. Fold up towel into a square and place inside the pocket by turning the pocket right side out.
20. Mark on the towel where the remaining button should be sewn.
21. Attach the button sewing foot or sew on by hand.
22. Open the towel and stitch the button on the towel.
23. Fold up towel and insert into pocket and then attach the straps.


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