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Special Occasion Clutches
Special Occasion Clutches

Created by: Susan Clark - Janome Educator

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 1-2 Hours Each

Whether you need a special bag to match your prom dress, a wedding party dress, or a holiday event, you can make one to match perfectly! Janome Educator Susan Clark review three methods for making a wristlet, small hand bag, and an over the shoulder bag for whatever special occasion you have coming up in your life!

Janome Supplies Required:

  • Janome Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • Artistic Suite or Artistic Crystals software
  • Artistic Design Collections : Leah Day
  • Zing or Cameo Cutter (for Rhinestones)
  • Jenny Haskins Krinkle Magic

Fabric and Notions Required:

  • Metallic thread
  • Sewing thread
  • Embroidery thread
  • Fusible quilt batting
  • Polyester bridal satin
  • Chain, beading or threads for handles or straps

For Small White Rectangle Clutch

  1. Thread machine with white embroidery thread.
  2. Layer fabric backed with fusible batting and Jenny Haskins Krinkle Magic into hoop – stitch out two of design #2 from Leah Day collection.
  3. Cut to ¼” beyond outline stitching – steam.
  4. Cut two pieces of lining fabric the same size as the quilted squares.
  5. Place right sides together and stitch around three sides using a ¼” seam.
  6. Repeat for the quilted squares.
  7. On both lining and bag – at bottom corner of each side –with wrong side out, fold the side down along the base matching seams to create a point at the corner.
  8. Measure 1” from point made at corner of bag and stitch across from fold to fold to make a square base. Trim to ¼” seam and turn quilted bag right side out.
  9. With bag lining wrong side out – press down ¼” of raw edge to outside.
  10. Place lining inside quilted bag matching side seams and top opening.
  11. Fold ¼” of quilted bag opening down to inside between bag and lining.
  12. Pin in place and stitch around the entire opening close to edge catching lace flap between lining and quilted bag.
  13. Sew in snap closure.


For White Handbag
1. Fuse batting to wrong side of satin
2. Lay krinkle under the batting side of the satin and place in hoop
3. Thread machine with silver metallic thread
4. Stitch design# 04 from Leah Day
5. Remove from hoop and trim leaving a ¼” seam allowance
In the artistic software:
1. Import design #04 by Leah Day resize to the measured size of your block minus the ¼” seam allowance
2. Convert to curves
3. Select crystals
4. Change offset to 0.0 and spacing to 5.0, size ss8 pp18
5. Cut your template
6. Set your crystals into the design (note that the fabric will krinkle slightly)
7. Cut lining the same size as the block
8. Create your lace purse lap by layering dissolve magic sticky and organza in hoop
9. Thread machine with rayon thread in both the needle and the bobbin
10. Stitch design #L11 resized to the size of the quilt block
11. Heat cut out of hoop leaving a ½” fabric seam along the straight edge of the design
12. Reset the machine for regular sewing and fold quilt block in half with right sides together
13. Stitch along seam on both sides to make the bag
14. Repeat for the lining
15. As in bag 1 – stitch lace right side to right side to one edge of bag
16. Place lining inside bag while folding the raw edge down between the bag and the lining
17. Pin in place and stitch close to folded edge to finish
18. Sew in snap closure.

For Black Bag

Thread machine with Artistic multi-color thread. Fuse batting to wrong side of fabric.
At the machine:

  1. Place fabric fused with batting in hoop with fabric side up.
  2. Stich one design of #pipemaze from Leah Day Artistic Design collections.
  3. Re-position hoop so that just ½” of first design is visible along one edge.
  4. Stitch a second design aligned with first to extend the fabric.
  5. Select design #pebbles in stream by Leah Day Artistic Design collections.
  6. Reposition fabric so ½” of 1st design.
  7. Remove from hoop and trim ¼” from stitching.
  8. Cut lining the same size as step 7.
  9. Place zipper right side down along short raw edge of #pipemaze.
  10. Place lining right side down on top of embroidered piece with zipper.
  11. Stitch along the same stich line made in step 9.
  12. Carefully fold in the tape edges of the second side of the zipper so as not to catch them in the seam.
  13. Stitch around three sides.
  14. Turn right side out.
  15. Stitch opening closed.
  16. Place zipper tape along line between #pipemaze and #pebbles and stitch in place.
  17. Fold bag in half and stitch side seams using ¼” seam allowance.

In Artistic Software

  1. Import design #pebbles and resize to the measured size of your block minus the ¼” seam allowance.
  2. Convert to curves.
  3. Select crystals.
  4. Change offset to 0.0 and spacing to 5.0, size ss8 pp18.
  5. Separate to crystals.
  6. Move crystals to desired location.
  7. Cut your template
  8. Set your crystals into the design.

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