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Sometime Stool Cover
Sometime Stool Cover

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

Sometimes you just want to redecorate and give something old a new look. Making covers for kitchen, patio or recreation room bar stools is quick, easy and so much fun. They can be made to match or contrast the existing color scheme depending on how much change you want. Of course they are washable, changeable and lend themselves to endless creativity. Bigger ties, bow or flowers can take these covers to the next level.

Janome Supplies Required
o Any Janome Sewing machine
o All purpose foot “A”
o Thread to match fabric
o Bobbin wound with thread to match fabric
o Blue Tip needle 11

Fabric and notions Required  – to yield four stool covers
• Four yards of print cotton fabric – approximately
If two different fabrics are used the covers can be reversibile.
• Yardstick compass
• Poster board
• Paper scissors
• Pinking Shears
• Elastic – 24’ x ½”
• Sixteen 22” sections of extra wide double fold bias tape for ties (Optional)
Note – ribbon could be used as a substitute.


1. Measure diameter of stool pad including the sides or rim.


2. Using a yardstick compass draw a circle 3-5” larger than the measurement on a piece of poster board and cut out the circle. (i.e. if the measurement is 17” then cut a circle that is 20” in diameter or across.)
Special note – the excess depends on the measurement from the edge of the cushion to the leg.


3. With right sides together fold the fabric in half.
4. Trace the circle onto the wrong side of the fabric.



1. Secure fabric layers with a generous amount of straight pins.
2. Adjust the stitch length to 2.6 and stitch on the lines leaving a 3” opening for turning right side out.
3. Press and then using pink shears trim away the excess fabric.
4. Turn right side out and press again.
5. Mark four places for the ties to be attached later.


6. Top stitch approximately ¾” in from the edge to form a casing for the elastic leaving a 1” opening for inserting the elastic. Note – The opening for inserting the casing should be at the same site as the previous opening.


7. Insert the elastic and then overlap and sew the ends of the elastic to join them together.
8. Sew the opening closed.
9. Top stitch open side of bias tape sections and ends.
10. Fold one piece of 22” section of bias tape in half and stitch to the cover where marked.


11. Repeat for remaining three ties.
12. Place cover on stool and tie to legs.

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