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Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour

Here is a quick and easy project for anyone wanting to get acquainted with a serger. The 1200D and 1100D sergers come with a Blanket stitch, which is just the right finish for quilts, blankets, fleece throws and of course this exquisite Scarfhat.

Janome Supplies Required:
1200D Professional Serger
Serger needle ELx705 size 14

Fabric and Notions Required:
Two pieces of fleece 14” x width of fabric
2 spools of clear nylon thread
1 spool of Jeans stitch or Cotton Quilting Thread
Seam sealant
Floss threaders
Rotary cutter
Rotary mat

Prior to threading the machine - set it up following program settings for each stitch selection. Tensions are pre-set for each application.

Set up 1200D for Blanket Stitch – Program #4
1. Place clear nylon thread in the Upper Looper and clear nylon thread in the lower looper.
2. Place the Jeans stitch or cotton quilting thread in the needle. Do not place thread in tension disk.

3. Adjustment – Set both looper tensions at 4.


1. With wrong sides together place one piece of fleece on top of the other piece.

2. Trim selvage from all four ends.
3. Measure and mark a line 10” down from the top on one side.

4. Round the corner on the side that has the mark.

5. With wrong sides together and with right side up, and starting at the top corner stitch to the mark. Serge off leaving a 4” thread tail.
6. Single layer of fabric. With right side up and starting at the bottom front stitch from one end to the other end, leaving a 4” thread tail.

7. Single layer of fabric. With right side up and starting at the bottom back stitch from one end to the other end. Note – go slow and carefully when you cross the previously sewn stitch at the center back.

8. Draw a line 6” up from the bottom.

9. Using the rotary cutter and mat make cuts approximately ½” – ¾” apart for the fringe bottom.

10. Take the two end pieces that have the stitching and use them to tie a knot at the bottom of the scarf just above the fringe. Repeat for other side.
11. Apply seam sealant where needed and try it on.

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