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Santa Wall Hanging pattern available
Santa Wall Hanging

Created by: Sam Fung

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

This is a whimsical quilting project that can be turned into several different things. You will be using several different feet, including the Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot and learn the different functions on this machine.

Janome Supplies Required

  • TB30
  • Blue Tip Needles
  • O, A, F, and E Foot,
  • Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set


Fabric and Notions Required

  • 2- Red Blender Triangles (pre cut from 6” X 9-1/4” rectangle on the diagonal)
  • 4-White Triangles (pre cut from 6” X 9-1/4” rectangle on the diagonal)
  • 2-Green Blender Triangles (pre cut from 6” X 9-1/4” rectangle on the diagonal)
  • 1-3” X 5” Flesh blender fabric fused with Heat & Bond Lite
  • 1-3” X 3” Red solid fabric fused with Heat & Bond Lite
  • 1-23” X 23” Low loft batting
  • 2-23” X 23” Quilt backing
  • White cotton sewing thread
  • 1-Pre wound bobbin thread
  • 2-Black/brown Buttons
  • 1- Red Button
  • 1-Burgandy 50wt cotton Thread
  • 1-Pro Pearl 50wt cotton Thread
  • 1-Kelly 50wt cotton Thread
  • 1-Pink Bazaar cotton Thread
  • 2-bobbins
  • 1-santa face template
  • 2 yds. Gold lipped cording
  • 1-plastic ring



1. Thread machine with all purpose sewing thread and sit it up for straight sewing.
2. Put the ¼” foot on the machine.
3. Take the 2 red triangles right sides together sew down center, finger press seams open.
4. Take 2 of the white triangles right sides together sew down center, finger press seams open. With the points of the triangles on the bottom take 1 of the white triangles with the right sides together and sew it to one side for the large triangle, one you just finished. Then take the last triangle and sew it to the other side of the large triangle.
5. Take one of the green triangles, with right sides together and the points facing towards the bottom sew to one side of the large triangle. Do the same to the other green triangle so that you have one on each side.
6. With right sides together take the red triangle and line up the center seams with the white, and sew across. Finger press all the seams to one side.
7. Take the flesh tone fabric and trace the pattern onto the paper side of the fabric. This will be Santa’s face.
8. Take the Red piece of fabric and do the same.
9. Follow the template placement and fuse the flesh tone fabric onto the white portion and the same with the red.
10. Take the large completed triangle and place it on top of the template and trace the sewing lines for the beard, and also the placement for the eyes.
11. Lay 1 piece of the quilt backing on the bottom with the batting on top, centering the triangle over the top of the batting.
12. Take safety pins and pin in place. Do not trim of excess batting or fabric.
13. Wind a full bobbin with the Pro Pearl cotton thread, and thread the machine.
14. Put the F foot on the machine.
15. Set machine up with stitch Triple Stretch Stitch # 4 A.
16. Touch the needle up/down button, and follow the lines for Santa’s beard. When you come to the end touch the auto lock button and the machine will finish the stitch and tie off the thread. Touch the needle up/down button to bring the needle back up. Continue until you have all the beard is done.
17. Load the machine with Kelly green thread.
18. Select the Appliqué stitch Pattern # 7 A. Change the width to 7.0. Stitch on the edge of the green triangle.
19. Change the tread to Pink and set the machine for Triple Stretch Stitch # 4 A. Stitch across the cheek, then change the stitch to a satin stitch, stitch # 5A and adjust the width to 5.0 and the length to .07. Stitch around the face area.
20. Load the machine with the Burgundy thread and satin stitch around the lips and the hat area using sing the same setting as before.
21. Put the Convertible free Motion Quilting foot on the machine and, drop the feed dogs, stipple the top of the hat using the burgundy thread.
22. Change the thread to Kelly and stipple the green section.
23. Load the machine with the zipper foot, adjust needle position all the way over to the left and stitch the cording around the edge of the triangle, clipping the corners where necessary.
24. Trim fabric and backing close to the edge of the cording.
25. Take the last piece of lining fabric; place the right side of the triangle to the right side of the fabric. Pin close to the inside edge of the cording. Do not trim off excess fabric.
26. Sew lining in place using the zipper foot, and leave an opening for turning the fabric.
27. Trim access fabric, and turn inside out, stitch opening close.
28. Sew on button for the eyes and nose.

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