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Ruffled Knit Shirt
Ruffled Knit Shirt

Created by: Angela Yosten

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

Turn an ordinary tshirt into an adorable tiered top with these great instructions by Angela Yosten. Angela makes great use of the Janome 1100D and CoverPro 1000CPX in this project. Creative sewists could construct the shirt with a sewing machine only as well! You can also find more inspiration from Angela at her blog!

Janome Supplies Required
Janome CoverPro 1000CPX
Janome Serger 1100D
Any Janome Sewing Machine


Fabric and Notions Required
Fabric featured is City Weekend Knits by Oliver+S for Moda Fabrics

1 Girls T-Shirt
1/2 yard Knit Fabric for top and bottom ruffled layers
1/2 yard Knit Fabric for middle ruffled layer and sash
Coordinating Thread for all machines
See-through rotary ruler
Sewline Fabric Pencil
Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
Straight pins


Getting Started


From the top and bottom ruffled layers fabric, cut 4 strips 3” x WOF. From the middle ruffled layer fabric, cut 2 strips 3” x WOF.
From the sash fabric, cut 2 strips 2” x WOF.

On your Tshirt, measure and mark 2” from the bottom hem all the way around the shirt. Continue to mark 2” up from each line drawn until you have 3 lines up from the bottom of the shirt all the way around the body.

Using your Janome Serger, serge both the long edges of all your 3” x WOF strips.

With right sides together, match the short ends of your serged strips together and serge together on both ends. You should now have 3 large circles. These will become the ruffled layers of your shirt.

Using your Janome sewing machine, set your machine to the largest stitch length.

On one of your large circles you just created, stitch approx. 1/8” from the serged edge on just one side until you come back around to where you started. Be sure to backstitch at your beginning stitch. Do not backstitch the end of your stitch. Gently, pull the top thread to create a ruffle. The ruffle seams should measure the same distance as the seams on the shirt. Repeat for the remaining two layers.

Pin the bottom layer in place aligning the ruffled stitch edge along the bottom line drawn on the shirt.

Using your Janome CoverPro machine, stitch along the top edge of your ruffle.

Repeat these steps until you have all three ruffled layers sewn to your shirt.

Match your 2” x WOF strips together, wrong sides together. Serge the long edges together.

Using your see thru ruler, cut each of the short ends at a 45 degree angle.

Serge each end. You now have a sash for your shirt.

Find the center of your sash by folding it in half and making a crease. Do the same to find the center of the front of your shirt. Match the center of your sash to the center of the front of the shirt. Pin the sash in place around the body of the shirt, overlapping the edge of the top ruffle to conceal the edge.

Using your Janome sewing machine, stitch along each side of the long edges of your sash around the body, leaving about 1 inch open on the back side where your sash tails meet.

Tie the shirt in the back with a pretty bow.


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