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Recycled Cowboy Boot Purse
Recycled Cowboy Boot Purse

Created by: Dianne LeBlanc

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Level: Advanced

This is a fun project for recycling old cowboy boots and leather belts. I found the cowboy boots and leather belt at a local second hand shop. The lining fabric that I used was recycled from an old fabric sample book obtained from an interior design business. Please feel free to improvise this project using your own creative vision. The lining and closure are optional.

Janome Supplies Required
• Any Janome machine
Ziz-zag foot A
• Bobbins
Janome Leather needle

Fabric and Notions Required
• Purse: 1 cowboy boot
• Lining and interior pocket: Scrap upholstery weight fabric approximately 18” X 18”
• Purse strap: 1 old western style leather belt
• Closure: 1 button and approximately 1 yd. faux leather or suede cord
• 3/4 yd. 1/2” single fold bias binding to match lining fabric
Hint: Coordinate your choice of fabric by matching colors and using a south western or cowboy themed motif.
• Craft glue for leather
• All purpose sewing thread, to match fabric
• Sharp fabric scissors or rotary cutter
• Measuring tape
• Pins
• Chalk or washable marking pen
• Iron

Cutting Instructions

1. Cut the top of the boot off at the ankle separating the shoe part from the upper boot. Set the shoe piece aside to recycle or use in another project.
2. Flatten the upper top piece of the boot and square off the bottom edge with a straight even cut. Warm the piece by rubbing the leather through your hands. This will help soften it and allow you to turn it inside out. Turn the piece inside out and hand press it flat.
3. Fold the lining fabric in half with right sides together. Place the flattened upper boot piece on top of the lining fabric and use the marking pencil to trace the outline onto the fabric. Remove the upper boot piece and add 1/4” seam allowance to the outline and cut out. Set aside.

Sewing Instructions

1. Set up the machine for regular sewing.
2. Insert the heavy duty needle
3. Attach the Zigzag foot A
4. Select straight stitch #1
5. With upper leather boot piece turned inside out sew the bottom edge closed. Straight stitch across the bottom opening using 1/4” seam allowance. Repeat to reinforce. Turn right side out. Set aside.
6. Form pocket of lining by sewing two rectangular pieces together cut to the size you prefer the pocket to be. With right sides together stitch around all 4 sides using 1/4” seam allowance and leaving a 2” opening for turning. Turn right sides out, press flat and machine stitch the opening closed using a straight stitch 1/8” from the edge.
7. Place the pocket on the right side of lining fabric centered towards the bottom of one piece. Pin in place and stitch around the side edges and the bottom 1/8” from the edge to create pocket. If desired once pocket is sewn to the lining you may stitch a straight line through pocket top to bottom divide space into two or more separate areas. This can be convenient to use one for cell phone and one for keys.
8. Sew the lining pieces together with right sides facing. Sew side and bottom seams closed using a straight stitch and 1/4” seam allowance. Check fit by placing the lining piece inside the leather purse piece. If piece does not fit correctly adjust by taking in bottom or side seams.
9. Keeping lining piece with wrong sides facing out sew binding to top inside edge using a straight stitch and 1/4” seams allowance. Press from the inside edge outward and fold over the outside. Stitching from the inside edge, stitch in the ditch around the upper edge binding. Set aside
10. Attach button for closure by placing below the center “V” curve on boot purse and hand stitching or piecing the leather and pushing the button shank through the leather and securing it inside the purse by placing a large safety pin through the shank. Glue the pin closed.
11. With the leather cording make a loop by cutting the cording into three equal pieces and securing the ends by sewing a few stitches through them. Braid the cord and form a loop by sewing or gluing the ends together. Attach the ends or the cord with craft leather glue on the inside of the back piece of the boot purse just below the “V” curve. Allow the glue to dry for 15 minutes. This cord will pull over to the front of the purse to loop around the button.
12. Cover the inside of the leather purse with craft glue and carefully place lining with wrong side out inside. Smooth and press materials together with fingers. Secure edges with spring clip clothes pins while glue dries.
13. To attach purse strap spread leather craft glue over each outside “pull up” tabs of boot purse. Apply leather craft glue to each of the inside of the cut ends on the leather belt. Over lap one inside cut end of the leather belt with the outside “pull up” tab on one side of the boot purse. Press and hold in place with a clothes pin while glue dries. Repeat for the other side.
14. With a clean paper towel wipe over any edges where glue may have seeped out. Rest purse on a flat surface and do not disturb for 8 hrs or overnight while glue dries.

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