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Purse Organizer
Purse Organizer

Created by: Quilt Escapes

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 3 Hours

Use this simple solution to organize your purse! With many pockets and flaps, everything will have a place. The best part? When it's time to switch purses, all you have to do is move the organizer! And you won't have to unpack one whole bag to use a different purse.

Janome Supplies Required

  • Any Janome sewing machine
  • All-purpose foot

Fabric and Notions Required

  • 2 - 27 1/2” x 6 1/2” pieces of fabric for sleeve
  • 2 - 6 1/4” x 6” pieces of fabric for flap (pattern page 3)
  • 1 - 38” x 11 1/2” pieces of fabric for pockets (can be contrasting fabric)
  • Stiffener (interfacing) 5“ x 26”piece
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabric marker



  1. To making the pocket flap use the pattern to cut the 2 flap pieces.
  2. Stitch with right sides together. Leave flat side open. Turn right side out and top stitch along curved edge. Press. If you would like to add a name or embroidered design to the pocket do that before stitching the two pieces together. Put aside for now.
  3. To make the pocket pleats, take the 38” by 11 ½” long piece and fold in half length wise. Top stitch if desired. Piece will now measure 5 1/4” by 38”. Use chart below to measure and mark the pleats.
  4. Pin each pleat and top stitch close to edge. Continue until all 12 pleats are completed.
  5. To make the gussets place the piece with the pleats you just edge stitched on top of one of the sleeve pieces with right sides on each facing up.
  6. Bring the first two pleats to center and pin open. See diagram below. Continue with each consecutive set of pleats.
  7. When completely pinned, the pleated piece and the sleeve piece will be the same length. Use the pattern as a guide for pinning. Stitch down the center of each pleat through all layers. The finished piece will look like this.
  8. To assemble the organizer, pin the pocket flap into place over pocket #2 on the right side. See image. Baste in place.
  9. Take the remaining sleeve piece and pin it to this piece with right sides together. Stitch the two long sides and one short side leaving one end open. Make sure when stitching the top edge that you do not catch the tops of your pockets. I mark this edge with a ruler to be sure.
  10. Trim the seams. Turn right side out and press.
  11. Once you have the organizer turned and pressed, insert your stiffener into the sleeve from the open end. Then just turn in the edges and stitch the opening close. Don’t be afraid if you catch the stiffener too.

You are now ready to use the organizer and fill up the pockets! Enjoy

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