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Pom Pom Gloves
Pom Pom Gloves

Created by: Amy Meek and Maddie Bushman

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 2 hours

What a great idea for holiday parties, sports events, or dress up. Using the one of the many smaller size J Hoops for the MB4 most any size glove can be embroidered. This is a perfect way to monogram gloves with one or two letters. Our Pom Pom gloves are inspired by some we’ve seen at Cracker Barrel restaurants.

Janome supplies

• MB4 – embroidery machine
• J-Hoop – J3, No 13
• Size 11 needles
• Pre-wound bobbin
• Candy Apple Red RA Polyester embroidery thread #5807
• White (One size fits all stretch knit gloves)

• White and Red yarn
• Clover Pom Pom Makers # 3124 (size small 1 5/8” – yellow)
• Tear away stabilizer
• Darning needle ( for attaching the Pom Poms to the gloves)



1. Following the instructions included with the Pom Pom Makers – make 10 Pom Poms using the white and red yarn. Note - leave at least 3” tails after tying the center. Note – this will be for attaching to the finger tips of the gloves.


2. Select lettering on the MB4, select “s” for small letters, select “Gothic” font.
3. Type “Janome”, select ok. 


4. Select menu, select edit, move the lettering to the center of the hoop, rotate lettering so that it is upside down.


5. Select hoop and select hoop “J3”.


6. Place tearaway stabilizer inside glove and hoop both the stabilizer and the glove.
7. Stitch out lettering.
8. Repeat for second glove.
9. Using the darning needle attach the Pom Poms to the finger tip ends of the gloves and tie securely in a double knot. Trim excess yarn as needed.

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