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Penny Tea Towel pattern available
Penny Tea Towel

Created by: Kim Diehl

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Level: Beginner
Time: 2 hours

These penny appliqués are so versatile and easy to make, they can be used to embellish any number of items in your home. Try stitching them onto quilted placemats, curtain valances, and even pillowcases to pull together a decorating theme and add a quick splash of color.

Janome Supplies Required:

Any Janome Sewing Machine

Satin Stitch Foot F

Fabric and Notions Required

1 purchased tea towel, approximately 20” x 28”
Scraps of assorted prints, 5” and smaller, for penny appliqués
1/2 yard Wonder Under
Freezer paper
Black all-purpose thread
Craft foot F-2

Download template patterns A-D.

1. Fold the tea towel in half lengthwise and use a hot, dry iron to press a center vertical crease into the lower half of the cloth; unfold the towel. Measuring up 4 1/2” from the bottom edge of the towel, re-fold and press a horizontal crease across the width of the cloth.

2. Trace pattern A onto the non-waxy side of a piece of freezer paper. Layer this traced sheet over a second piece of freezer paper, with waxy sides together, and use a hot, dry iron to fuse the pieces. Cut out pattern A exactly on the drawn line and label it with the pattern letter. Repeat with patterns B, C, and D to make a template for each shape.

3. Use the templates to trace the number of pattern pieces indicated below onto the paper side of a sheet of Wonder Under, leaving at least 1” between each penny shape.
Pattern A – 3
Pattern B – 3
Pattern C – 5
Pattern D – 5

4. Cut out each shape from the traced Wonder Under sheet approximately 1/2” outside the drawn lines. Next, cut out the center of each shape approximately 1/4” inside the drawn lines. (Cutting away the centers will keep the penny appliqués from feeling stiff.)

5. With the smooth paper side up, place a prepared Wonder Under penny shape onto the wrong side of an assorted print fabric scrap, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the layers together. Repeat with the remaining penny shapes.

6. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out each fabric penny exactly on the drawn line; carefully peel away the paper portion of the Wonder Under from each. Next, fold each penny appliqué in half and gently finger press a crease to mark the center line of each circle.

7. Select a prepared A, B, C, and D appliqué. For the A appliqué only, finger press a second center crease to form a plus sign. Line up the creases of the A appliqué with the intersecting creases of the tea towel to perfectly center the shape. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the shape in place.

8. Continue layering and fusing the B, C, and D appliqués over the bottom penny, lining up the finger-pressed creases with the horizontal towel crease to help center them.

9. Referring to the photo, position and fuse a C and D appliqué on each side of the center set of pennies. Position the remaining appliqués as shown and fuse them in place.

10. Snap on craft foot F-2 and thread the MC11000 with black thread, including a fully-wound bobbin. Select appliqué stitch 16, and touch the “needle down” icon.

11. Stitch around each fused penny appliqué, ending with a locking stitch when you arrive at your starting point. As you follow the shape of each appliqué, always pivot your piece with the needle in the down position to keep the cloth from shifting. Clip all thread tails.

12. Select appliqué stitch 17 and touch the “needle down” icon. Starting at one side of the tea towel, not a corner, stitch along the hemmed edge of the cloth, using the hem seam lines as a guide. End with a locking stitch, and clip the thread tails.

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