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Nifty Notepad Cover
Nifty Notepad Cover

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

Stitch up a quick gift with our Nifty Notepad Cover! This is great for taking notes while on a trip, or carrying to the grocery store. Our instructions are for a 3" x 5" notepad, but you can customize to your notepad as well. Just double the notebook width, and add 1/2" for seam allowances. Then triple the height. Adjust the fabric requirements and follow the instructions accordingly.

Janome Supplies Required
o Any Janome Sewing Machine
o ¼” foot “O”
o Blue Tip Needle

Fabric and Notions Required
o 7” x 16” strip of fabric
o All purpose thread
o Bobbin wound with same thread



1. With right sides together fold fabric in half lengthwise to yield 3 ½” x 16”.

2. Attach the ¼” foot “O” and stitch down the long side.
3. Finger press seam open at short ends.
4. Fold down short ends approximately ½” and finger press.
5. Stitch a 1" hem on both short ends.

6. Press long seam open with the tip of the iron.
7. Turn right side out and press with the seam in the center.
8. Insert notepad into short ends and finger press short ends. They should fall so that the notepad can be closed comfortably.
9. Remove notepad and press a crease where the short end is folded up.
10. Re-insert notepad. If desired dab washable glue stick on the cardboard covers of the notepad to hold in place.



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