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Merry Christmas Door Hanger pattern available
Merry Christmas Door Hanger

Created by: Jennie Glanton

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Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Time: 5 hours

Using your Janome sewing and embroidery machine and a little time you will have a new decoration for Christmas this year.

Janome Supplies Required:

  • Any Janome Embroidery Machine. This project was created using the MC1000
  • Customizer 10000 (or Customizer 11000)
  • USB or RS232C cable, or ATA PC Card or USB Memory Key
  • Clothsetter 10000 or other model
  • Giga Hoop D (MC10000 only)
  • Square Hoop (MC11000 only)
  • Embroidery Hoop “B”
  • Embroidery foot P
  • Satin Stitch foot F
  • Janome Embroidery thread - #247 (Meadow Green), #266 (Floral Pink), #239 (Sunflower)
  • Janome Bobbin thread
  • Blue Tip needle 75/11

Fabric and Notions Required:

  • Any pillow pattern
  • 1 yd. cotton fabric
  • 10" square Aida cloth (14 count)
  • Lightweight tear-away stabilizer
  • All purpose thread
  • Fabric marking pen

Instructions: Professional Style Embroidery

  1. Download Merry Christmas Door Hanger Pattern as a PDF file, using the link at the top of the page. Print out both pages. (The large pattern should be 10" high and the smaller one 8" high.) Trace pattern #1 on green felt.
  2. Set-up your Memory Craft for Embroidery. Insert a Blue Tip 75/11 needle.
  3. Insert PC Design Card #1014 in the Memory Craft card slot. Select design #28.
    Note: If using CD Rom #1014, transfer designs #28 and #33 to your Memory Craft using USB connection or ATA PC Card.
  4. Place Janome Embroidery thread for sewing segment #1 in the needle and Janome bobbin thread in the bobbin.
  5. Embroidery design #28 at the top of the felt inside the pattern lines drawn following thread color suggestions on the Visual Display Screen.
  6. Embroider design #33, Merry Christmas, below design #28.
    Note: On the sample Merry Christmas was sewn using Janome Embroidery thread #225 (red).
    Hint: For perfect placement of the designs use the Clothsetter for your Memory Craft and templates created in Janome software.
  7. Cut out green felt on lines drawn.

Putting felt pieces together:
  1. Using pattern #2 cut out red felt.
  2. Center the green felt on the red felt. Pin in place or use a temporary spray adhesive.
  3. Set-up your Memory Craft for Ordinary Sewing. Select a Zig Zag stitch. Set the stitch length at 2.1 and width to 0.30. Place embroidery thread in the needle and bobbin to match green felt.
  4. Satin stitch the green felt to the Red felt.
  5. Select a straight stitch. Place Janome Metallic thread in the needle. Sew trim to the sides and bottom of the wall hanging. Do not sew the trim on the top.

Tabs for Hanging:
  1. Cut out three 2" x 4" pieces from the red felt.
  2. Sew trim on each side of each piece.
  3. Fold the tab in half. At the top sandwich the embroidered piece between the tab ends. Place a tab at each end and one in the middle.
  4. Sew in place using red thread in needle and bobbin.

Yarn Hanger and Tassels:
  1. For hanger, cut three pieces of yarn 25"- 30" long. Braid or twist together.
  2. For tassels, wrap yarn around a 3" x 5" index card until full.
  3. Using another piece of yarn, tie at the top. Cut opposite end to create the tassel. Using another piece of yarn, wrap tightly around strands a few times about 3/4" below top. Secure ends with a knot. Trim ends evenly.
  4. Insert the dowel rod through the hanging tabs. Tie yarn hanger at each end.
  5. Hand sew Jingle Bells at the bottom.

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