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Knit or Crochet Travel Bag
Knit or Crochet Travel Bag

Created by: Luveta Nickels - Junk Jeans People

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Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Time: 2-3 Hours

You'll find this bag useful for any crafting project but especially nice for knitting and crocheting. The
knitting needle sleeve will accommodate 10" or 12" knitting needles and the jean pocket featured on the back is perfect for scissors and crochet hooks. Using blue jean parts helps our environment GO green. Brought to you by the Junk Jeans People of who specialize in alternative uses for your old jeans. Below you can see the back of the bag.

Janome Supplies Required:

Fabric and Notions Required:

  • 1 ¼ yd of 3/8” cotton cording
  • 7/8 yd print fabric
  • 1- old pair jeans
  • ½ yd Batting
  • ½ yd fusible interfacing
  • 1-14” decorative zipper
  • 1-package 1/2" grommets (I used assorted colors)
  • Scrap of baby rick rack
  • Scrap solid green fabric
  • Scrap fusible web
  • 1-spool decorative thread
  • 1½ " hook & loop tape

Before you begin:

Tear the back pocket from the jeans. A utility knife will make this easy to do. Cut or tear open inside leg seam (or common seam) of jeans. Press jean leg flat.

Get Started...Cut out:

1 – 15" X 15" square from jeans leg
3 – 15" X 15" squares from print
1 – 15" X 15" square from fusible interfacing
1 – 15" X 15" square from fusible batting
1 – Flower applique' from print
2 – green leaves
1 – 4½" X 12" from print (for needle sleeve pocket)
1 – 4½" X 5" from print (for needle sleeve flap closure)


Prepare front of bag:

  1. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of 1 piece of the print. Lay aside.
  2. Stitch baby rick rack in place with a narrow zig-zag.
  3. Fuse flower applique and leaves in place on jean piece.
  4. Stitch around flower petals and leaves using applique mode, stitch #8 on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 width 3.5 and length 2.5.
  5. Place fusible batting on wrong side of needle sleeve and press.
  6. Fold right sides together and stitch across one end. Turn and press.
  7. Fuse batting on wrong side for needle flap closure. Fold right sides together.
  8. Stitch across short end and down long edge.
  9. Turn and press.
  10. Stitch around hook & loop Velcro peices on each needle pocket piece as shown. (Make sure the loop & tape connect after stitching)

  11. Position unfinished edge of needle sleeve at side seam and long raw edges of knitting needle sleeve along flat felled jean seam. Stitch unfinished edge using the flat felled seam of the jeans as a guide.
  12. Press sleeve pocket toward bottom of bag. Stitch finished long edge with applique mode stitch #8 on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000.
  13. Position open raw edges of shorter flap at side seam.

  14. Place wrong side of interfaced print lining to wrong side of jean front. Attach lining by top stitching along flat felled jean seam through both layers.

  15. Trace around grommet washer template in middle of appliqued flower. Be brave and Cut through all layers.
  16. Luveta's lesson: I find it easier to put a small piece of fusible web between jean front and lining and fuse all layers together where grommet will be placed. This holds layers and keeps them from shifting when cutting the hole for the grommet.

  17. Insert stud through hole and place washer on wrong side. Push washer onto grommet stud until you hear it SNAP!

Prepare Back of Bag:

  1. Fuse quilt batting to wrong side of print. Sandwich batting in between print pieces. Stitch together using #16 in the quilt mode on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000. I stitched about every 2” apart using stripes as my guide.

  2. Position jeans back pocket on the quilted piece and stitch around the pocket through all layers. Sew vertical channels using stitch #5 in the utility mode on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000. Adjust length to 5.0.

  3. Place right side of zipper to right side of bag top edge on both front and back and stitch along zipper tape. Use a zipper foot if your zipper tape is not wide enough to accommodate regular foot. Press seam toward bag being careful not to melt plastic zipper teeth. Top stitch on right side.

  4. Place front and back right sides together and stitch or serge across bottom edge. Press seam flat.
  5. Fold pleat at bottom edge about 1½" and fold end of zipper edges at the side seam; right sides together. Stitch through all layers using stitch #4 in the decorative mode on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 adjusting width to 6. and length to 2.5. Repeat for other side. (Be sure and leave zipper un-zipped for turning). Turn and press. You will have a triangular shape that shows on the outside at side seam to form gusset on bottom of bag.

  6. Designers Note: You may choose to stitch traditional triangle matching bottom and side seams to form gusset on the inside of bag.
  7. Install grommet in corner of front and back bag. (refer to previous photos) Pull cording through the holes and tie knot in each end. Cording will actually pass through inside of the bag.


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