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Janome Shopping Tote
Janome Shopping Tote

Created by: Marta Alto

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Level: Advanced

Paper or Plastic? How about canvas? This tote is perfect for all of your shopping trips. It contains an inner inset to keep bottles upright, and ample room for all of your groceries.

Janome Supplies Required

Any Janome Embroidery machine (Marta used the Memory Craft 11000)
Any Janome Sewing machine
Any Janome Serger
Zig-zag foot A
Janome Serger thread
Blue Tip needle 75/11
Janome TearAway stabilizer
Janome Embroidery thread in colors for embroidery design
Embroidery hoop to fit selected design

Fabric and Notions Required
1 yard Cotton Duck
1 ¼ yard webbing (for handle)
All purpose thread in colors to match fabric
Embroidery design of choice

1. Cut out bag pieces from duck cloth according to diagram below.

2. Measure and mark the dimensions of the Main bag, using the diagram below as a guide.

3. Serge with a 3-thread seam finish around main bag, bottle pocket and optional coupon project. 

4. Mark area to be embroidered on main bag piece with a washaway pen. Hoop main bag piece and TearAway stabilizer and stitch out design. 

5. Prepare the bottle pocket by turning the fabric under ½” at the top and bottom edges. Edge stitch in place. Then stitch a 3/8” seam from the edge.

6. Prepare inset by folding piece in half wrong sides together, so it measures 12” x 11 ½”. Serge unfinished edges together. Mark two placement lines for the Bottle pocket 4” apart.

Optional Coupon Pocket
7. Press fabric edge under ¼” on two sides and bottom. Press fabric edge under ¾” at top for hem, edge stitch and then stitch again ½” from edge stitching. Pin the pocket to one side of the inset, about 1” from the top so one end is at one of the placement lines for the bottle pocket. Edge stitch in place.

8. Divide the bottle pocket into thirds and stitch to placement lines on inset, leaving ½” at the bottom edges open.

9. Place the inset/bottle pocket unit made above on the wrong (non-embroidered) side of the main bag, 3 ¼” from side, 3 ½” from center, 4” from bottom, and 5” from top. Zig-zag stitch along sides to attach to main bag piece, leaving top and bottom open.

10. Fold bag right sides together and sew a ½” seam at side and ½” seam along bottom. Fold top down 2” and press the seam. Edge stitch along the top and bottom of the new seam.
11. Make the box corners of the bag by folding the bottom seam open, then match it to the center of the side. Stitch across point at each end, 3 ½” from point to make a 7” box.

11. Turn right side out and fold points toward bottom of the bag. Edge stitch along folds at sides and bottom to form the boxed bottom.
12. Cut webbing in half and pin carrying strap to top of the bag, about 2” in from each side and 2” down from the top. Fold center area of the strap in half and edge stitch to make it more comfortable to carry.

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