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Holiday Card Holder
Holiday Card Holder

Created by: Mary Carollo

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 2 Hours

Get ready for the Holidays with this Christmas tree Card holder. Have fun with any stitches on your machine as you decorate your tree!

Janome Supplies Required

  • Janome Machine with decorative stitches
  • "F" Foot
  • Border Guide Foot

Fabric and Notions Required

  • 1/2 Yard Green Fabric
  • 1 Yard Red Fabric
  • 1/3 Yard Background, Gold or Cream, Fabric
  • Scrap of Brown Fabric - about 4"
  • Cut Away Stabilizer
  • 1 Yard x 1/2" of Fuxible Web
  • Flannel or Low Loft Batting



1. Cut green fabric 20” X 12”
2. Mark 5” apart down length. Fold on each mark (3 folds and bottom)

3. Thread machine both top and bobbin with red thread.
4. Attach “F” foot
5. Select a scalloped edge Satin stitch
6. Place the folded edge under the foot so that the right swing of the needle falls over the fold. Use the slit on the foot as a guide line for the fold.

7. Sew each fold with this stitch. The stitch will “pull up” to create a scallop.

8. Choose any decorative stitch.
9. Line up the “F” foot with the edge of the scallop and sew through all layers to secure the scalloped fold.

10. Press the folds down towards the last row of scallops.
11. Cut a piece of Cut Away stabilizer into the shape of Christmas tree, a triangle, 15” tall X 12” wide.
12. Center and pin to the wrong side of your green fabric.
13. Trim the green fabric with ½ “ seam allowance on the 2 long sides. Tuck the bottom into the seams allowance under the last scallop.
14. This will remain under the tree fabric as you add more rows of stitches and add support for the 3D effect.
15. Now we will begin to “Decorate” your tree with any stitches. Use contrasting and metallic thread.
16. Attach the Border Guide foot on your machine to keep your spacing even as you add rows.
17. The next steps are to make the alternating color ornament rows.
18. Program one statin stitch #3, touch M
19. Program 1 space, touch M x5
20. Sew a row of circles with 5 space between each circle, using blue thread. Clip jump threads
21. Change thread color
22. Sew another row on a sample swatch of fabric.
23. Lay the sample swatch next to the first row, then use a pin to mark the starting point for the alternating row.

24. Place your machine needle on the marked pin.

25. Sew the new row. The alternating color will fill in the spaces creating a continuous row with 2 colors.
26. Fuse a ½” strip of Fusible web to the 2 long edges of the cut away.
27. Fold over the raw edges and fuse in place for a finished edge on the sides of the tree.
28. Cut the background fabric 20” X 16”
29. Cut 3, 2 ½ strips of red fabric for borders. Sew 2 strips along 2 long edges, 1 strip along one short edge.
30. Cut 1 9” piece and sew to opposite short edge.

31. Cut a tree trunk approximately 3 ½ “ tall .
32. Use an applique stitch to sew around all edges of the brown fabric.
33. Position the tree over the trunk. Pin down the center.
34. Push the side edges to the center to create a slight “wave” in the fabric. Pin both long edges.
35. Change to a matching green thread. Use an applique stitch to sew both sides of the tree.
36. The wave will create a 3D effect for the tree.
37. Hint: Try using invisible thread in the needle for applique stitches.
38. Cut green fabric 7 ½ “ X 24”.fold over 1 long edge and hem with any decorative stitch.
39. Place over the bottom red edge. Pin in place.

40. Trim batting and backing to the size of the project.
41. Sew right sides together, along all edges . Leave an opening at the bottom to turn.
42. Turn right sides out and press all edges.
43. Sew 2 rows of a Hand quilting or a long scallop stitch down the sides of the tree.
44. Scatter a single pattern stitch such as a star or heart to tack down the batting as a decorative effect..
45. Stitch a straight line down the center of the green pocket.
46. Top your tree with scraps of metallic thread, lame’ fabric or a fancy button and your project is complete!

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