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Gingerbread Men Coasters pattern available
Gingerbread Men Coasters

Created by: Janet Miller

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Level: Intermediate

It's wonderful to share the holiday spirit with visiting guests. Gingerbread Men coasters are a fun way to protect your table tops while still being festive. We sewed our sample on the Memory Craft 10001, but you can use any Janome Sewing Machine with built-in decorative stitches. See the stitch chart at the end of these instructions.

Janome Supplies Required:

  • Any Janome sewing machine with decorative stitches
  • 1/4 inch Seam foot O
  • Satin Stitch foot F
  • Miraclestitcher Kit
  • Janome Embroidery thread - #001 (White) and #225 ( Red)
  • Blue Tip needle 75/11

Fabric and Notions Required (For one Gingerbread Man):

  • Two 7" x 8" fabric rectangles of gingerbread color cotton
  • One 7" x 8" piece of craft fleece or cotton batting
  • One - Cork disk 3" - 4" size (preferably non-adhesive)
  • Decorative threads, yarns and ribbons
  • All purpose sewing thread
  • Transparent thread (for Miraclestitcher)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Craft glue stick


  1. Trace pattern (1/4" seam allowance included) onto fabric and batting. You will need a front and back plus one batting. Cut out. Save the scraps for test sewing.
  2. Place the two Gingerbread Men, right sides together. Place the batting on top (or bottom). Select straight stitch #1. Adjust the stitch length to 1.8. Insert a Blue Tip needle. Place all purpose sewing thread in the needle and bobbin. Snap on the 1/4 inch Seam foot O.
    Note: The shorter stitch length makes sewing around the curves easier.
  3. Sew around the entire Gingerbread Man using a 1/4" seam allowance.
  4. Trim the batting close to the stitching. Clip and notch the seam allowance.
  5. In the center of one side, cut a 2" slit being careful only to cut one layer of fabric.
    Note: The cork disk will be placed over the slit.
  6. Turn the Gingerbread Man right side out through the slit. Take your time to work the curves smooth. Press flat.

Now the fun begins. Use your imagination to "frost" the Gingerbread Man. Some suggestions:
Note: The right side of the Gingerbread Man is the side with the slit.

Reverse Bobbin Work

  1. Hand wind perle cotton onto a bobbin. Drop the bobbin in the bobbin holder. Do Not insert the pearle cotton into the bobbin tension. Place all-purpose sewing thread in the needle to match perle cotton. Snap on the Satin Stitch foot F. Select stitch #71.
  2. Sew, with the wrong side up so that the bobbin work will appear on the right side, around the outside edge of the Gingerbread Man.
  3. Ribbons and yarn can also be used for this technique. Experiment with what you have in your sewing room.


Note: The Miraclestitcher is an optional accessory available for front loading, high shank and low shank sewing machines.

Use the Miraclestitcher for unlimited possibilities. The sample used ribbon Miraclestitched onto the sleeves.

  1. Attached the Miraclestitcher to your sewing machine following the manufacturer's directions. Select Zig zag stitch #8. Adjust the stitch width to 1.5. Do not forget to drop the feed dogs.
  2. Place Transparent thread or contrasting thread in the needle. Place all-purpose sewing thread in the bobbin.
  3. Couch ribbon on the Gingerbread Man using the picture of the sample as a guide.

Decorative Stitches

Use any of the hundreds of decorative stitches to trim the coaster. Always test sew, even with the batting you may need stabilizer on the back.


  1. For the mouth, select stitch #39. Elongate X2. Adjust the stitch with to .35. Place decorative thread in the needle. Test sew to get positioning and length. Sew the mouth.
  2. For the nose, select stitch #40. Sew the nose.
  3. The eyes are sewn in two steps. Select stitch #31 (Eyelet). Sew the eyelet for the outside of the eye. Then select stitch #96, Memory, Locking Stitch, Memory. (The Locking Stitch will insure that only one star will be sewn.) Position the needle so it drops into the far side of the eyelet when starting to sew. Sew the eyes.

Bow Tie

  1. Select stitch #46, adjust the stitch width to 7.0 and stitch length to .35, elongate X2, Memory, pattern #35, adjust the stitch width to 7.0 and stitch length to .35, Memory, stitch #45, adjust the stitch width to 7.0 and stitch length to .35, elongate X2, Memory.
  2. Start sewing at the neck at the point determined by the test sewing.


  1. Place the cork disk (coaster) in the center of the Gingerbread Man over the 2" slit created for turning. Run a line of glue around the edge about 1/2" in. This will hold the disk while you sew.
  2. Select stitch #56. Place all purpose sewing thread in the needle and bobbin to match the cork. Sew the cork disk in place. A Zig-zag stitch could also be used but piercing the cork less is better.

That's all there is to it! Make several sets for gifts and enjoy "cooking" with Janome.


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