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Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner
Time: 2-6 Hours depending on details

Those unique hats that are all the rage here and across the pond are so much fun to create. When you see the designer prices it only makes sense to use your own imagination and creativity to make one. But once you make one you will surely make many more. Using trims, ribbons, buttons, feathers and a bevy of other embellishments a work of art can come to life. Some of the embellishments you may already have from other fun craft projects. This instruction guide will bring you through how to make the purple and black hat pictured on the top right, but you can use your creativity to make a masterpiece unique to you!

Janome Supplies required :
• Any Janome sewing machine
• Ruffler - appropriate for the machine
• Thread and bobbin to match ribbon
• Size 11 blue tip needle

Fabric and Notions Required :
• Fabric covered headband
• Black craft felt
• 1 spool of 2 ½” wide sheer decorative ribbon with wire
• 1 spool of 1 ½” wide color ribbon without wire
• 1 black doll hat
• 1 black/purple feather (Optional)
• Feather trim (optional
• Fabric tack glue
• Hand sewing needle
• Black thread

Please note all additional embellishments were purchased at local craft stores.

Tip – if using glitter ribbon to make flowers spray with hairspray to prevent glitter from flaking after the flower is complete. Do not discard the wire; it can be used to secure embellishments together.



1. Cut 30” length of the 2 ½” wide sheer decorative wired ribbon.
2. Remove the wire from one side. (Only one side).
3. Cut 36” length of the 1 ½”wide ribbon (Without wire).
4. Thread the hand sewing needle with the matching thread for the ribbon.
5. Cut felt to cover hat opening (where the hat would fit securely on the doll head).
6. Cut two slices in the felt to slide the headband through.


1. Thread the hand sewing needle with the black thread.
2. Slide the felt onto the headband and position slightly off center.
3. Baste the felt to the headband. Do not pull the thread to cinch the felt.
4. Secure head band to felt with the permanent fabric glue. Set aside for the glue to set.
5. Baste the feather to the side of the hat and then secure with permanent fabric glue.
6. If desired add additional feathers.

7. Set up the sewing machine for a straight stitch.
8. Seat the bobbin and thread the machine.
9. Following the packaged instructions attach the Ruffler. Note – the needle position may need to be adjusted to pass thought the opening of the foot.
10. Tighten all screws including the needle and the shank.
11. Adjust the stitch length to 3.0.
12. Set the ratchet gear feed plate at 1. (This means that for every stitch it will form a gather.)
13. Set the ruffling depth adjustment screw at 6. (This is how deep the gather will be.)
14. Take the 2 ½” decorative sheer ribbon and place the edge without the wire into the ruffler and ruffle the full length of the ribbon.
15. Ruffle the other ribbon.


1. Arrange the 36” x 1 ½” length ribbon to form a flower by making a circle.

2. Baste the ribbon layers near the center of the flower.
3. Cinch up the thread and knot the end.
4. Take the 2 ½” decorative wired ribbon and place behind the flower. The wire to the outside.
5. Baste the flower to the wired ribbon with a hand sewing needle and thread.
6. Position flower on side of hat to cover base of feather and secure with permanent fabric glue. Set aside for a few minutes for the glue to set.
7. With the permanent fabric glue secure the felt to the bottom or underside of the hat.
8. Set aside for the permanent fabric glue to set.
9. With hand sewing needle and black thread sew the headband to the brim of the hat to prevent wobbling of hat. Secure with permanent fabric glue.
10. Add additional embellishment if desired.

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