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Embroidered Table Runners
Embroidered Table Runners

Created by: Michele Mishler

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 5 hours

Large hoops make a large impact! Create a sensation at your next dinner party with embroidered table runners. Yardages are for two 70" runners and one 108" runner.

Janome Supplies Required:
Horizon MC12000
PC with HorizonLink software
Digitizer MBX
A foot
P foot
AccuFeed foot
Janome Blue Tip Needles
Janome pre-wound bobbins

Fabric and Notions Required:
4 yds Kona Dimensions by Kaufman Fabrics, in Celery
4 yds Kona Dimensions by Kaufman Fabrics, in Ivory
4 yds craft fleece
Tear away stabilizer
Matching all purpose thread
Embroidery thread
Removable marker
Rotary cutter and cutting mat

Cutting Instructions
Kona Dimensions, Celery:
From the length of the fabric, cut a strip 19" x 109"
From the remaining fabric, cut two strips of fabric 19" x 71"

Kona Dimensions, Ivory:
From the length of the fabric, cut a strip 19" x 109"
From the remaining fabric, cut two strips of fabric 19" x 71"

Craft Fleece:
From the length of the fleece, cut a strip 19" x 109"
From the remaining fleece, cut two strips 19" x 71"

Mark the center at each end of the strips. Measure 8" from the end at each side and place a mark. Connect the marks to create the point for each end of the runners. Use a ruler and rotary cutter to cut the point. Cut a matching point at each end of the panels of fleece.


Creating the Embroidery Design
1. Open Digitizer MBX.
2. Select Border from the toolbar.
3. Using the grid for reference, create two intersecting lines. Left click at the beginning of each line, hold down the Control Key, and left click at the end. Enter. The Control Key creates perfect horizontal and vertical lines, 'snapping' the start and stop points to the grid.

4. Select Motif Run Line and create two more lines.


5. Select one line. Open Object Details, and change the pattern to Des011.
6. Select the second line. Open Object Details, and change the pattern to Motif13.
7. Select Triple Run Line, and create two more lines.


8. Select Parallel Weave Fill: Circle, and create a circle.

9. Select the circle and select the Offset Object tool. Adjust the Offset to 3.0 mm and the Offset Count to 3.

10. Select Triple Run Line and using the offset borders as reference, create a spiral.

11. Delete the circle and the borders, leaving only the spiral.

12. Select the spiral and use Control D to create a second spiral. Position and resize as desired.

13. Select Embroidery, Insert Design and import Favorite_1_19. Position the design over the lines and spirals.

14. Select All (Control A) and rotate 45 degrees clockwise.
15. Center the design in the GR Hoop.

16. Save the design as Placemat Runner. Send the design to the Horizon MC12000.
17. Select Print Preview. Select Options. Left click on Cloth Setter Marking. Select Design Mode. Select Visualizer. Click OK. Close.
18. Select Print, and change the number of copies to 3. Print.
19. Place two of the templates side by side, rotating one to create a diamond shaped design. Butt the edges of the paper together and tape together. This is the template for the center design. The remaining template is used to place the embroidery at each end of the runners.

Don't have Digitizer MBX? The Horizon MC12000 has a beautiful collection of Normal Sew designs that can be used to create decorative lines and circles. The Normal Sew designs are found among the many choices of fonts included in the Monogram collection.

Embroider the Runners
The runners are each embroidered with a central motif, and with a design on each end. If you wish, you can choose to embroider both sides of the runner so that it is reversible, or just one side so that the runner reverses to a plain colour. Instructions are given for embroidery on the green fabric, leaving the ivory side plain.

1. Fold each green strip in half and mark the center. Place the template for the center design centered on the fabric. Mark the placement of each embroidery design. Be sure to add an arrow so that you can orient the design correctly!
2. Position the remaining template at each end of the runner, so that crosshairs are 9" from the point. Mark the crosshair position.
3. Set up the Horizon MC12000 for professional style embroidery. Thread the machine with embroidery thread and insert a pre-wound bobbin.
4. Hoop the fabric with stabilizer, positioning one of the marked crosshairs in the center of the hoop. Embroider the design. When the embroidery is complete, remove the excess stabilizer. Repeat for each marked position, embroidering all three runners.

Sew the Runners
Place each green runner right side up on top of a matching piece of craft fleece. Place the matching ivory runner right side down over the green runner, matching all edges. Pin in place. Using the AccuFeed feature on the new Horizon MC12000, sew around each runner with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 4" opening for turning.

Turn each runner right sides out. Press, folding the opening to match the outer edge. Top stitch each runner 1/4" from the edge, closing the opening as you go.

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