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Embroidered Euro Pillow Sham
Embroidered Euro Pillow Sham

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Level: Intermediate

These embroidered Euro Shams work great with the Embroidered Duvet Cover project. They are easily completed using the extra large embroidery area of the SQ23 hoop. The pillows are 26" square, so the number of pillows and fabric needed depends on the size of the bed. A full or queen sized bed requires two pillows, whereas a king sized bed requires three pillows. The yardage listed below is for each pillow.

Janome Supplies Required:
Horizon Memory Craft12000
PC with HorizonLink software
A foot
P foot
Janome Blue Tip Needles
Janome pre-wound bobbins


Fabric and Notions Required:
1 yd home dec fabric in a solid colour, 54" width
1 yd coordinating home dec fabric, 54" width
26" Euro pillow
3 buttons, 3/4"
Tear away stabilizer
Matching all purpose thread
Embroidery thread
Removable marker

Creating the Embroidery Design
1. Open HorizonLink and Open Border_1_23.
2. Left click on the dropdown arrow of Embroidery Edit. Select Hoop SQ23.

3. Left click on View and select Fit in Window.
4. Select the design by clicking on the design. Select Edit.
5. Rotate the design to 315?.

6. Move the design into the corner.
7. Left click on Design and locate Border_1_22. Left click on the desired design. Move the design to the upper edge of the hoop, close to the corner design.
8. Click on Edit. Select the second design and left click on Copy & Paste. Place the design in the right corner. Adjust the designs so that they are evenly spaced and even across the upper edge.
9. Copy & Paste again. While the design is selected, left click on Horizontal Flip.
10. Rotate the design to 275?.
11. Copy & Paste. Adjust the designs so they are evenly spaced and even with the left side of the hoop.

12. Send the completed design to the Horizon MC12000.
13. Select Print Setup, and select Colour Template.
14. Select Print. Change the number of copies to 4, and click on OK. Arrange the templates to form a square, trimming where necessary, so that the leaf motifs are evenly spaced.

Embroidering the Pillow
1. Cut a 30" square from the solid fabric. Fold the square into quarters and press lightly to crease.
2. Place the template over the fabric, matching the center of the template to the center of the fabric. Mark the positions for each embroidery, adding an arrow to help with orientation when hooping the fabric.
3. Set up the Horizon MC12000 for professional styled embroidery. Open the design on the Horizon MC12000.
4. Select Edit. Select Colour Sort. This will reduce the number of colour changes.
5. Hoop the fabric with stabilizer in the SQ23 Hoop, centering one of the design crosshairs. Be sure that the design is oriented properly.
6. Place the hoop on the machine and embroider the design. Repeat for each of the crosshairs.
7. When embroidery is complete, remove the excess stabilizer and press from the wrong side.
8. Trim the embroidered square to make a 27" square.

Creating the Euro Sham
1. From the coordinating fabric, cut two rectangles 16" x 27".
2. On each rectangle, create a double 1" hem along one 27" side. Edge stitch in place.
3. Overlap the two double hems, creating a square 27" x 27". Baste across each end of the double hem to hold in place.
4. Place the embroidered square right sides together with the lining. Sew around the square with a 1/2" seam allowance. Finish the edges with a large zigzag.
5. Turn the sham right sides out.
6. Mark the placement for three buttonholes centered along the double hem, spacing the buttonholes evenly.
7. Stitch the buttonholes as marked.
8. Sew buttons to the opposite double hem, positioning them under the buttonholes.
9. Insert the Euro pillow, and button in place.


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