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Easy Fabric Belt
Easy Fabric Belt

Created by: Muriel Jones

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Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

This belt buckle reminded me of a belt I loved when I was a kid – so I knew I had to make a replacement! This belt has a great retro feel, and goes great with jeans or corduroy pants. Find a great, bright fabric to make it stand out. It’s so easy to make, you’ll need a few!

Janome Supplies Required
Any Janome Sewing Machine
Zigzag foot A
Zipper foot E
Blue Tip needle, size 11

Fabric and Notions Required
¼ yard fabric
1 -2 yards 1” wide grosgrain ribbon
Thread in colors to match fabric and and match or contrast the ribbon
Belt buckle (note: because this belt is not reversible, be sure that your clasp does not require the belt to fold backward, like two D Rings)
¼ yard 20” wide Fusible Interfacing
Measuring tape
Basic sewing supplies


1. Measure your waist, and add 5” to the measurement.
2. Measure the width of the belt buckle at the location that the fabric will connect. Add 1” to this measurement.
3. Using the measurements taken above, cut your fabric to the appropriate width and length. You may need to piece the fabric to make it long enough.
4. Subtract 1” from the length of the belt, and 1” from the width. Cut the fusible interfacing to these dimensions. You may need to cut more than one strip for length. Cut the grosgrain ribbon to this length.
5. Center the fusible interfacing paper side up on the wrong side of the belt fabric.
6. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. Remove the paper backing
7. Fold the edges of the fabric over ½” on all sides and press the crease.
8. Center the grosgrain ribbon in the center of the belt and press to adhere it to the fusible interfacing. The ribbon should cover the raw edges of the main belt fabric.
9. Turn the short edges of the belt over 1” to create a hem and press.
10. Thread the machine with thread that matches the belt fabric. Use this color in the bobbin as well.
11. Stitch the hem in place.
12. Thread your machine with thread that matches or accents the grosgrain ribbon. Put thread that matches the belt fabric in the bobbin.
13. Stitch around the edges of the ribbon, placing your stitch 1/8” or less from the edge of the ribbon. If your machine has a needle down feature, use this for perfect pivots on the corners.
14. Feed the belt through the buckles. You may want to check the clasp to make sure that the ends are fed through correctly, and that the belt fits snugly. Fold the ends around the buckle and pin in place.
15. Attach Zipper foot E to the machine. Attach to the right side of the foot.
16. Place the fabric along the belt buckle under the needle, placing the buckle as close to the foot as possible. Stitch in place. Repeat for the other end of the belt.
17. If necessary, stitch down the ends of the belt once more, further from the belt buckle.
18. Enjoy!

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