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Door Knob Decoration
Door Knob Decoration

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

This is a very creative way to let guests know which door is to the powder room. Also a fun decoration for a guest bedroom, sewing room or any room that you may want to let others know of its importance. Here is a perfect project for a day when everyone is bored and wants to do something together. Sew and glue it just right for me and you!

Janome Supplies Required
o Any Janome Sewing machine
o All purpose foot “A”
o Thread to match fabric
o Bobbin wound with thread to match fabric
o Blue Tip needle size 11

Fabric and Notions Required

• One – 6 ½” square of print cotton fabric
• One 10 ½” square of print cotton fabric
• One – 6 ½” square of craft felt
• Three – tassels (bells with ribbon may also be used)
• Various flat back gem stones
• Permanent fabric glue



1. On the wrong side of the 6 ½” square of craft felt draw a 3” circle in the center. Note – if door knobs are smaller then draw a 2 ½” circle.
2. With right sides together place the 6 ½” print cotton fabric on the 10 ½” square of print cotton fabric. Note – center the 6 ½” square on the 10 ½” square.
3. Place the craft felt on the top of the 6 ½” print cotton fabric.
4. Attach the all purpose foot “A” and adjust the stitch length to 3.0.
5. Stitch on the line of the circle.

6. Cut the center whole away near the stitching and remove the excess fabric.

7. Turn right side out and press.
8. Fold the excess fabric from the 10 ½” square to the raw edge of the 6 ½” square.
9. Fold again - up over the 6 ½” square and secure with pins – do not press.
10. Fold corners under to miter,

11. Top stitch the folded binding.
12. Insert the strings of the tassels into the mitered corners and secure with permanent fabric glue.

13. Randomly apply gemstones as desired and secure with glue.



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