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Digitized Letter Pillow
Digitized Letter Pillow

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Time: 4 hours

Large letter embroidered monogramming on home dec pillows is very popular. Some department stores carry these expensive designer throw pillows but you can easily make them for a lot less. Using Digitizer Junior to create custom designs is easy and fun and takes a lot less time than a trip to town.

Janome Supplies Required
o Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition or 10000, 10001, 9700, 9500, 350E
o Digitizer Junior
o Iron-on or adhesive stabilizer
o USB, ATA PC Card or USB Memory Key
o Clothsetter 11000 or Clothsetter 10000
o SQ Hoop (11000) or Embroidery Hoop B (10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, or 350E)
o Embroidery Foot P
o All Purpose foot “A”
o Embroidery thread (Colors to compliment fabric)
o Pre-wound bobbin
o Blue Tip needle 11


Fabric and Notions Required:

o 15” x wof (width of fabric)
o Four ¼” x 12” pieces of ribbon (color to match fabric)
o 1 cup of fiberfil
o Scissors



1. Open Digitizer Junior.
2. Select the machine and hoop that will be used for the monogramming.
3. Select the Lettering icon (the cube with the “D”).

4. Select the font “Galant” from the Object Details drop down menu.


Special note – Font, size, percentage and slant are also displayed on the toolbar.


5. Type the letter you want to embroider in the white dialogue box, then select ok.
6. Position the cursor in the center of the hoop and then left mouse click once or hit enter.

7. While the letter is selected (solid black anchor boxes are around it), right mouse click to open the “Object Details” menu.


8. Select “Object Details” and another menu will appear so that the fill stitch may be changed.

9. Select the drop down arrow to the right of the “Satin Fill” to view other fill options, select “Embossed Fill”.
10. Select the arrow to the right of the “Pattern” to view other fill stitches, select “Blossom1. Note – do not select “OK”
11. Select the “Dimensions” tab at the top and change the “width” and “height” to 7.00 inches if using the SQ hoop, select “OK”. Note – if using the “B” hoop then change the dimensions to 4” for the width and 6” for the height.

12. Now there is a large letter in the center of the hoop. If needed reposition the letter where desired in the hoop.
13. If desired, select “Embroidery” from the top toolbar, then select “Insert Design” and select “Small Floral Collect”, select design SO2.jef, then select “Open” at the bottom.


14. While the flower is still selected, select “Edit”, then select “Group” to keep the parts of the design joined. Now position the flower where desired.

15. Select “External Media” from the top toolbar, and select “Write a Design”.

16. Select the “Embf” folder on the right to open the folder. Note – if using the “B” hoop then select the Emb5 folder.
17. Change the name of the design to “letter” and select write.

18. Select “File”, “Print Preview” and print a template.
19. Place the external media device in the appropriate port on the machine.
20. Set up the Memory Craft 11000 for Professional Embroidery, select “File Open” and select the design.
21. Stabilize and hoop fabric. Note – use the Clothsetter for perfect placement of the design on the fabric (in the center).
22. Stitch the design, remove fabric from hoop.
23. Set up the Memory Craft 11000 for Ordinary Sewing.
24. Attach all purpose foot “A”
25. Trim fabric to 15” x 35”.
26. With wrong sides together fold under both short ends 1” and press.
27. Top stitch down the folded under short ends.
28. Using ½” seam allowance and with right sides together and the embroidery in the center, fold in the short ends to form a flange back. Approximately 9 ½” on each side.
29. Stitch across the top and the bottom.
30. Turn right side out and insert pillow form.
31. Take a small amount (golf ball size) of fiberfil and push into the corners of the pillow cover.
32. Take one of the pieces of ribbon and tie around the corner to form an ear.
33. Repeat for the remaining three corners.

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