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Daddy's Key Valet
Daddy's Key Valet

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

This charming little project is a perfect catch-all for the top of any parent's dresser. It makes a great birthday gift, and is a wonderful, easy project to help introduce your favorite child to sewing.

Janome Supplies Required

Any Janome Sewing Machine

One – 10” x 6” piece of cotton print fabric
One – 4” square of felt
One - 4” square of clear vinyl (to protect the photo)
One – 4” square of cardboard
One – photo to fit in the 4” square
One – empty tuna can
Glue stick
Permanent fabric glue
Small decoration


1. Trace outline of can onto clear vinyl, trim approximately ¼” inside the line.

2. Using the clear vinyl as a template, place on top of photo, trace and cut out photo.
3. Trace the outline of the can onto the felt.
4. Trim just inside the line on the felt. Note – this will be for the bottom.
5. Trace the outline of the can onto the cardboard.
6. Trim approximately ¼” inside the line. Note – this will be the inside bottom.
7. Adhere the photo to the cardboard. Do not adhere the vinyl.
8. With right sides together stitch short ends of fabric together to form a tube.


9. Press seam open and turn right side out.
10. Insert can into fabric tube.
11. Using a hand sewing needle and thread do a running stitch around the bottom and gather it to enclose most of the bottom of the can.. Tie thread in a knot.
12. Do a running stitch around the top and slightly gather and stuff inside the can and smooth out folds. Tie in a knot. Note – the fabric should be loose in the bottom of the can.
13. Put a generous amount of permanent fabric glue inside the bottom of the can.
14. Place the cardboard with the photo inside the can. Note – use a piece of scrap fabric or felt to push down the cardboard.
15. Place the vinyl on top of the photo.
16. Do a thin line of permanent fabric glue where the fabric and the vinyl touch the sides of the inside of the can. This will adhere the vinyl to the photo etc.
17. Adhere the felt to the bottom of the can with a generous amount of permanent fabric glue.
18. Optional – adhere a decoration to the outside of the can.


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