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Contemporary Double-Sided Napkins
Contemporary Double-Sided Napkins

Created by: Jane Spolar - Quilt Poetry

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 1.5 Hours

Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry created this placemat and double sided napkin duet perfect for any time of year. The set pictured was made from the “Bollywood Bliss” fabric collection Jane designed for Northcott. A perfect project to use several coordinating fabrics you’ve wanted to use – and a great palette to play with a variety of thread and stitches!

Look at the Contemporary Placemat here

Janome Supplies Required

  1. Any Janome machine: Jane used the Horizon MC 12000
  2. Zigzag Foot A
  3. Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
  4. Free Motion Quilting Open Toe Foot QO


Fabric and Notions Required

  • 1/2 yd each of two coordinating prints
  • 1/4 yd or one fat eighth of two coordinating blenders
  • 3/4 yd fusible web
  • 1/4 yd non-woven lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 5/8 yd thin batting
  • Embroidery needle size 80/12 or 90/14, depending upon the decorative thread used
  • Two to four colors of decorative thread for appliqué and quilting
  • Temporary spray adhesive


Pattern Instructions:

Print the pattern (click here) and tape the four pages together, using the cross marks to help align the pages.


Double Sided Napkin Instructions:


  1. Cut from the two coordinating prints, two 17¾" squares. (Four total.)
  2. Cut four small half spiral shapes, four from each of the blender fabrics -- following the same instructions for cutting appliqué shapes as in the placemat.
  3. Fuse the shapes to the top left and bottom right corner of each napkin square.
  4. From the non-woven interfacing, cut four 6" squares. (As you can see in the photo, I just use a scissors and cut – it just has to cover the size of the appliqué.)
  5. Following manufacturers instructions, fuse the interfacing to the back of each napkin shape on the corners that have the appliqué. This will provide some stabilization for the decorative stitching and it doesn’t have to be removed.
  6. Attach foot F2 to the machine.
  7. Using stitch quilt 23, set at 5.5 width and 2.5 length – stitch around the edges of the appliqué with decorative thread.
  8. Stitch Tip - If you’ve never used this stitch around appliqué, here’s how to pivot the stitch. Stitch slowly for best results. When the last stitch of a star (a star is comprised of 18 stitches) lands in the fabric, stop and pivot, let the next stitch fall, pivot again – the next star will finish stitching 17 stitches. Do this as you make your way around the edge. When you come to a point in the appliqué – press the lock stitch button while a star is stitching. Once the machine stops, pivot the fabric around and move the needle forward the length of one or two stitches. Begin the stitch pattern again. You’ll get this rhythm very quickly even if it sounds complicated.
  9. Attach foot A to the machine.
  10. Pin each napkin with the right side of one fabric face to face with the right side of the other fabric. Make sure the appliqués are in opposite corners and any directional print goes the same way on each side. Sew together with 3/8" seams, leaving an opening the width of your hand open to turn the napkins.
  11. Turn the napkins right side out through the opening. Press edges.
  12. Using appliqué stitch 6, set at 3.5 width and 2.5 length, stitch around the outside edges of the napkin. When you come to a corner, turn the napkin 45 degrees and stitch one blanket stitch into the corner. Then turn 45 degrees more. Since the feed dogs won’t have much to hold on to for a moment, raise the presser foot and put the tip of an awl into the corner tip of the napkin (behind the needle). Use common safety precautions for your fingers! Gently tugging the fabric a bit with the awl, keep stitching until the feed dogs and presser foot are working on their own again. (See photo.)
  13. Use a hand needle with a large eye and pull the thread ends into the inside of the napkin.


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