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Confectionery Carrier
Confectionery Carrier

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Time: 3 Hours

Confectionery Carrier for cookies, casseroles, candy, fruit cheese, crackers etc.

The Confectionery Carrier it a delightful way to transport your treats to the holiday party. It can also be part of the gift if desired. This easy to make project is so much fun that most likely you will make several during the holiday season. Be sure to have enough pans on hand or purchase disposable pans that can be left behind with this lovely gift.

Janome Supplies Required:

• Any Janome Sewing Machine
• Blue Tip needle 75/11
• Red Tip needle
• ¼” “O” foot
• Ditch Quilting foot
• Buttonhole foot
• Even Feed Foot (walking foot)

Fabric and Notions Required:

• One yard of red cotton fabric
• ½ yard of batting
• 60” x 1” cotton belting for the handle(s)
• Straight pins
• Three flat buttons
• Washable glue stick (Optional)
• Fabric marking pen, chalk or sliver of soap
• Baking pan 13 ½” x 9 ½” x 2”

Cutting instructions

1. Cut two 19” x 13” rectangles from red fabric.
2. Cut two 16” x 13” rectangles from red fabric.
3. Cut one 19” x 13” rectangle from the batting.
4. Cut one 16” x 13” rectangle from the batting.
5. Cut the 60” x 1” cotton belting into two 30” x 1” sections.



1. Attach the ¼” foot “O”.
2. Take the two 16” x 13” rectangles and with right sides together and the 16” x 13” rectangle of batting on the bottom of the layers sew across ONE short end.

3. Turn right side out and with wrong sides together and the batting sandwiched in the middle, press.
4. Attach the ditch quilting foot and thread the machine with green cotton quilting thread.
5. Using a fabric marking pen, chalk pencil or a sliver of a bar of soap, mark three lines diagonally across the center.

6. Select a decorative stitch and stitch on the line.
7. Using the center blade as a guide, stitch on the additional two lines. Note – select a different decorative stitch for each line.
8. Mark three lines diagonally across the center in the opposite direction.
9. Stitch a new decorative stitch.
10. Stitch the two remaining lines to yield a total of six lines.


11. Take the cotton belting and cut in half to yield two 30” x 1” sections.
12. Take one of the 19” x 13” rectangles and fold in half lengthwise and press.
13. Measure 4” up from one short end and mark with a pin.
14. Measure 11” up from the same short end and mark with a pin.


15. Take one of the 30” x 1” sections of the cotton belting and align the cut ends at the 4” mark, secure with pins or washable glue stick.

16. Take the remaining 30” x 1” section of the cotton belting and align the cut ends at the 11” mark, secure with pins or washable glue stick.
17. Place the batting on the wrong side.
18. Attach the all-purpose foot and thread the needle with red thread.
19. With fabric right side up select a wide zig zag stitch and stitch the short ends of the cotton belting together. If desired cover with a small piece of fabric before stitching together.
20. Repeat for the second handle.
21. Measure in 3” from the long side on both long sides of the rectangle and mark with a pin.
22. Repeat for second handle.
23. Select a straight stitch and adjust the stitch length to approximately 3.0.
24. Stitch the handle down starting at the first 3” pin mark and continuing to the second 3” pin mark.

25. Repeat for second handle.
26. With right side up place the 19” x 13’ rectangle without the handle down on the cutting table.
27. With right side up place the 16” x 13” embellished rectangle on top of that.
28. With WRONG side up (or right sides together) place the 19” x 13” rectangle with the handles on it on the top.
29. Align the short ends. Note the 19” x 13’ rectangle with the handles should have the section with the handle 4” up from the short end aligned with the other pieces. Secure with pins.
30. Graphic is not true because the rectangle with the handles is on the top. It is intended to show the order.


31. Attach the even feed foot and with the straight stitch still selected and the stitch length at 3.0 stitch three sides. Note – do not stitch the short end that has the handle 4” from the short end.


32. If desired draw a corner at the top and stitch on the line.


33. Turn right side out.
34. Turn again so that the right side of the embellished section is on the inside.
35. Align the raw edges of the open short end and stitch across catching all layers of fabric and batting.
36. Mark a 2” box bottom for the sewn short end. Note – box bottom is measuring 2” across the point.

37. Turn right side out.
38. Attach the buttonhole foot.
39. On the flap sew three button holes.
40. Attach the button sewing foot and sew the buttons in place.
41. It is now ready for the pan full of confectionary delights, casserole, fruit, cheese, crackers or whatever you desire.

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