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Blanc et Noir Quilt pattern available
Blanc et Noir Quilt

Created by: Kathy Errico

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 10 hours

Marie Osmond's Blanc et Noir fabrics, a fabulous embroidery design from Stitchitize, and Kathy Errico's beautiful quilt design unite to give you the perfect throw for any room in your home!

Janome Supplies Required:
Memory Craft 11000
Customizer 11000
RE hoop
¼” Seam foot O
Embroidery foot P
Even Feed foot
Janome Embroidery thread – desired color
Red Tip 75/11 needle
Butterfly design (compliments of Stitchitze) in .jef format (free download)
Foundation Flower pattern (free download)
Diamond Template (free download)

Fabric and Notions Required:
Marie Osmond Blanc Et Noir Fabrics from Quilting Treasures:
Find Blanc et Noir fabrics HEREFind Blanc et Noir Companions HERE
3/4 yd – Color A (20466-zj)
1 7/8 yds – Color B (20466-jz)
3/8 yd – Color C (20469-jz)
1/2 yd – Color D (20445-jz) (Color C may be substituted) 
3/8 yd – Color E (20445-jz)
3/8 yd – Color F (20445-zj)
3/8 yd – Color G (20445 – Q)
1/2 yd – Color H (20468 – Q)
7/8 yd – Color I (20468 – V)
1/2 yd – Color J (20445 – V)
3 yds – Backing fabric
56” x 56” - Batting
Foundation Piecing Paper
Add a Quarter Ruler
Cotton thread for piecing and quilting to match fabric

Fabric Preparation:
From Color E cut:
Two strips: 5 ¼” x 44”
From this strip cut eight Diamonds from the provided Diamond Template

From Color C and D cut:
One strip of each 5 ¼” x 44”
From this strip cut four Diamonds using the provided Diamond template

From Color B cut:
Two squares 10 ½” x 10 ½”
Cut each square diagonally in half to make the four corner pieces
Five strips 5 ½” x 44” for outer border

From Color G cut:
Four strips 1 ½” x 44” for center border
Five strips 2 ¾” x 44” wide for binding

From Color A cut:
Four strips 4 ½” X 44” for inner border

Rest of fabric is used for foundation piecing flowers

Note: This quilt was created on the Memory Craft 11000 using the RE Hoop. Memory Craft 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, 350E and 300E owners will use the “B” hoop to create this quilt.

Constructing the Blocks:
1. Download the pattern pieces for this project:
Paper Pieced Flower 1
Paper Pieced Flower 2
Diamond Template
Print eight copies of provided foundation piecing design on Foundation Piecing Paper.

2. Using your favorite foundation piecing method, construct eight flower blocks using
fabric colors G, H, j, and I, alternating the colors following the diagrams.

Quilt Assembly:

1. Attach the ¼” Seam foot O. Insert a Blue Tip 75/11 needle. Place Cotton thread in the
needle and bobbin. Select stitch #4, Locking Stitch. The Memory Craft will
automatically sew a locking stitch at the beginning of the seam. At the end of the
seam, press the Reverse button and the machine will sew four locking stitches and stop
2. Place a Diamond color C and D right sides together. Sew one edge, starting and
stopping ¼” in at the beginning and end of seam. Press the seam open.

3. Join one edge of dark foundation-pieced flower unit to one inside edge of Diamond
unit, carefully matching the edges. Do not pull to match, this will distort the fabric.
Stitch, starting and stopping ¼” in from the edge of the foundation piece. Do not
stitch into the seam allowance.

4. Join other side of the foundation square to the angled unit. Once again, do not stitch
into the seam allowance. Press the seams open.
5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 with the remaining color C and D Diamonds and the dark
foundation-pieced flower units until there are 4 sets of Diamonds and squares.

6. Sew two of the square and Diamond units together, starting and stopping ¼” in on the
outer edge, as shown in the figure below. Press the seam open.

7. Sew the remaining units together in the same manner.
8. Rotate one unit 180° and join the two units together along the straight edge, starting
and stopping ¼” in on the outside edges. Press the seam open.

9. Sew the four light foundation-pieced flower units into the y-seams as illustrated in the
figure below, making sure to stop at the seam of the Diamond units. Press the seams

10. Sew the Color E Diamond into the y-seam formed by the foundation pieced units as
shown in the figure below, making sure to stop at the seam of the angle units. Press
the seams open. Sew all eight pieces into the center block.

11. Sew the Color B corner units to the straight edges formed in the last step. Press the seams open.

1. Sew the 4 ½” Color A strips to the center as shown for the inside border. Press the seams towards the border.
2. Sew the inner middle border using the 1 ½” Color G strips. Press the seams to the middle border.
3. Add the outside border using 5 ½” Color B strips. Press the seams to the outside border.

At the Computer:
1. Download the center Embroidery design Butterfly for Blanc et Noir. Save it to your favorite folder.
2. Open Customizer 11000.
3. Open the design.
4. Click File >Print, print a template of the quilting motif.
5. Write the design to your USB Memory key/ATA card or send directly to your Memory Craft.

1. Sandwich the quilt top, batting and backing. Baste the layers together so that all the layers remain in place during the quilting process.
2. Set up the MemoryCraft 11000 for Professional Style Embroidery.
3. Use the template and Clothsetter to accurately hoop the quilting design in the desired positions in the center area of the quilt.
4. Stitch the Embroidery design.
5. Attach the Even Feed foot and quilt the outside diamonds and borders as desired.

1. Trim the batting and backing to the same size as the top.
2. Sew the five 2 ¾” X 44” binding strips together as shown. Press the strip lengthwise
wrong sides together.

3. Attach the binding to the outside edge of the quilt using your favorite method.

Don’t forget to create a label with your name and date so this heirloom quilt will have a history as it is handed down through your family’s future generations.

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