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Bird Bag Purse
Bird Bag Purse

Created by: Maddie Bushman

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Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

This charming little Pocket Purse is just right for any occasion. This project features some of great functions of the Digitizer Junior. Here is a way to learn all about how to enlarge or reduce the size of and embroidery design and how to change the colors. Learning embroidery software is so much fun and very easy.

Janome Supplies Required
o Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition or 10000, 10001, 9700, 9500, 350E
o Digitizer Junior
o Iron-on stabilizer
o USB, ATA PC Card or USB Memory Key
o Clothsetter 11000 or Clothsetter 10000
o ST Hoop (11000) or Embroidery Hoop ST (10001, 10000, 9700, 9500, or 350E)
o Embroidery Foot P
o ¼” Foot “O”
o Button Sewing foot
o Embroidery thread as indicated in the finished design
o Pre-wound bobbin
o Blue Tip needle 11

Fabric and Notions Required:

o Two 7 ½” x 12” of print cotton fabric
o Two 7 ½” x 12” of sold color cotton fabric
o One 36” piece of flat trim for strap
o One tassel (Optional)
o Two 1” flat white buttons (or color to match strap)
o Washable glue stick


1. Open Digitizer Junior.
2. Select the Machine and hoop that will be used. (Memory Craft 11000, ST hoop)
3. Select Embroidery from the top toolbar, select Insert Design.
4. Select design S05.jef from the Small Floral Collection, select Open.


5. While the design is still selected, right mouse click for the object details dialogue box and select Dimensions. Note – if the design is not selected, left mouse click and drag a box around the design to select it.



6. Change the dimensions to 200% for the height and 200% for the length. Note – see how much bigger the design has become. Also note that the design dimensions have changed at the bottom toolbar.



7. Click outside the hoop.
8. To change individual color parts of the design go to the toolbar on the right and select the color to be changed Violet Blue #261 and then select the Red #225 from the thread chart.



9. Select color #217 Sky and change to color #252 Dark Gray.
10. Select color # 204 Yellow and change to color #002 Black.



11. Click on the beak of the bird and change back to #204 yellow.
12. Enlarge the view to 150% to determine if additional editing is necessary. Note – if there are stray stitches, you may click on the individual stitches and delete them.
13. Click and drag a box around the entire design, right mouse click to access the Object Details. Note – when enlarging some designs the satin stitching may not enlarge proportionately and may need to be changed to Auto Split. Or if desired individual colors “stitch type” could be changed by right mouse clicking on the desired color at the side toolbar, select object details, select stitch type and then change as desired.
14. Select Stitch Type, select Satin Stitch, select AUTO SPLIT, move Stitch Density to 150% - 200% and then select OK. Note – 200% will make the stitching more dense.



15. Select External Media from the top toolbar, select the Embf folder, select Name and change the name to Bird and then select Write.



16. Remove the memory device from the computer and insert into the Memory Craft 11000.
17. Stabilize one piece of the print fabric.
18. Select Embroidery, select Open file and open the design.
19. The fabric should be hooped with the excess at the top. Note – the design will be on the outside flap.





20. Using the clothsetter for perfect placement, hoop the stabilized fabric and proceed to stitch out the design.
21. Once the design is complete, remove from the hoop.
22. Set up the Memory Craft 11000 for ordinary sewing.
23. Attach the ¼” foot “O”.
24. With right sides together sew the two print fabric pieces down both long sides only. Do not stitch the short ends.
25. With right sides together sew the two solid cotton fabric down both long sides only. Do not stitch the short ends.
26. Turn the solid cotton fabric tube right side out.
27. Insert the solid cotton fabric tube inside the embroidered print fabric tube.
28. With right sides together stitch around the top joining the print and solid fabric together.



29. Turn right side out, and then insert the embroidered tube inside the solid cotton tube.
30. Align all four raw edges, lay flat and secure with pins.
31. Stitch across the bottom catching all four layers. Turn right side out.
32. Fold top down and place raw ends of strap where desired and secure with washable glue stick. Note – they should be placed inside the fold over of the top so ends are not visible.
33. Attach the button sewing foot and select the button sewing function.
34. Place button on the top of the fold where the end of the strap is on the other side and stitch in place.
35. Optional – hand sew tassel in place.

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