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"We created four free designs especially for Memory Craft owners in the *.sew and *.jef file formats. Our ""Dream Fantasy"" collection was digitized from the original artwork of a local artist near our headquarters using our Digitizer 10000 software program. We hope you find them as inspirational as we do. Be sure to check our design archives often for more free design downloads.
Note: Memory Craft 10000 owners may want to enlarge the designs using Digitizer 10000 to coincide with the larger field in the Large Hoop B.
Other designs in ""Dream Fantasy"" collection: Dragonfly .SEW, Bee .JEF, Bee .SEW, Fairy and Bee .JEF, Fairy and Bee .SEW, Fairy and Ladybug .JEF, Fairy and Ladybug .SEW"
Download JEF
Download SEW

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