The right tool for the job makes every sewing task easier. From presser feet, to software, PC Design cards and the exclusive Clothsetter, Janome creates a full line of accessories to ensure that every project gets done easily and accurately.
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1/8 inch Piping Foot
1/8 inch Piping Foot (Compulock)
3/16 inch Piping Foot (Compulock)
Adjustable Seam Guide (CoverPro)
Attachment Set A (Compulock)
Attachment Set B (Compulock)
Auxilliary Thread Guide (1200D and 1100D)
Beading Attachment
Beading Attachment (Compulock)
Beading Foot (1200D and 1100D)
Belt Loop Foot (1200D)
Bias Tape Foot (1200D)
Blind Stitch Foot
Blind Stitch Foot (1200D and 1100D)
Blind Stitch Foot (Compulock)
Center Guide Foot (CoverPro 1000CP)
Center Guide Foot (CoverPro 900CP)
Chain Stitch Foot (1200D)
Clear View Cover Stitch Foot (CoverPro 1000CP)
Clear View Cover Stitch Foot (CoverPro 900CP)
Cloth Guide
Cloth Guide (1200D and 1100D)
Cloth Guide (Compulock)
Coin Screw (1200D and 1100D)
Cording Foot (1200D and 1100D)
Cording Foot 1 (Compulock)
Cording Foot 2 (Compulock)
Cording Foot A
Cording Foot B
Cording Guide K-2 (1200D and 1100D)
Cover Hem Foot (1200D)
Cover Stitch Attachment
Curve Guide (1200D and 1100D)
Elastic Gathering Attachment
Elastic Gathering Attachment - Narrow (CoverPro)
Elastic Gathering Attachment - Wide (CoverPro)
Elastic Gathering Attachment (Compulock)
Elastic Gathering Attachment-Narrow (CoverPro)
Elastic Gathering Attachment-Wide (CoverPro)
Elastic Gathering Foot (1200D and 1100D)
Fagoting Guide F-2 (1200D)
Felling Guide F-4 (1200D)
Gathering Attachment
Gathering Attachment (Compulock)
Gathering Foot (1200D and 1100D)
Gathering Foot G for sergers
Hem Guide (Type 2 CoverPro)
Hem Guide H-2 (1200D)
Hemming Guide (CoverPro)
Lace Attachment Guide H-1 (1200D)
Lacing Guide F-3 (1200D)
Pintucking Foot (1200D)
Pintucking Guide K-1 (1200D)
Piping Foot (1200D)
Piping Foot (serger)
Standard Serger Foot
Tape and Cording Guide
Tape Binder (1000CP)
Tape Binder (1200D)
Tape Binder (900CP)
Tape Binder, 15mm-50mm (1000CP & 900CP)
Tape Foot With Tape Reel
Taping Foot with Tape Reel (Compulock)
Top Stitch Foot & Guide N-1 (1200D)
Wrapped Edge Guide H-3 (1200D)