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Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 1

Part Number: J207ASRT1
Janome thread gives your stitching a stunning sheen in a rainbow of vivid colors. It is designed specifically for professional-style embroidery and decorative stitching with Memory Craft machines. The 100% shrink and fade resistant acrylic is static free for better embroidery performance. Our specially boxed thread assortments give you 27 spools for unlimited creativity.

Thread can also be ordered individually by color.
Thread Colors: Row 1) White 001, Black 002, Gold 003, Pink 201, Christmas Red 225, Orange 203, Yellow 204, Dark Brown 205, Bobbin Thread J-208-1
Row 2) Christmas Green 226, Blue 207, Purple 208, Pale Violet 209, Pale Yellow 210, Pale Pink 211, Peach 212, Beige 213, Bobbin Thread J-208-1
Row 3) Brown 214, Wine Red 215, Pale Sky 216, Sky 217, Yellow Green 218, Olive Green 219, Silver Grey 220, Grey 221, Bobbin Thread J-208-1, (The thread colors you see here will vary according to your computer's settings. For exact color matches, see the thread at your dealer.)

27 spools: 24 assorted colors of J-207 and 3 spools of White J-208-1
Size #50 J-207 - Size #90 J-208-1
220 yds. (200m) per spool J-207/ 880 yds. (800m) per spool J-208-1

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Click here to view a Thread Conversion Chart, for cross-referencing Janome, Robison-Anton, Mettler, Madeira and Sulky thread.