The right tool for the job makes every sewing task easier. From presser feet, to software, PC Design cards and the exclusive Clothsetter, Janome creates a full line of accessories to ensure that every project gets done easily and accurately.
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Artistic Embroidery Collections
Artistic Rhinestone Collections Font Packs
Baltimore Revisited
Beyond Color Purple
Brush-Out Embroidery Kit
CD-ROM Glenn Harris
Embroider A Cure Collection
Henny Haskins Victorian Embroidery from the Heart
Jenny Haskins
Jenny Haskins Art Nouveau: Iris
Jenny Haskins Bella Fiori
Jenny Haskins Beyond Color Purple Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Butterflies For Catherine
Jenny Haskins Color Purple The Next Generation
Jenny Haskins Designer Neck Ties
Jenny Haskins Enduring Elegance Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Floral Rhapsody
Jenny Haskins Fragrant Delights Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Gilded Memories
Jenny Haskins Gracious Impressions
Jenny Haskins Harvey's Garden
Jenny Haskins Jenny's Essence Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Lace Glorious Lace
Jenny Haskins Laura's Vintage Embellishments
Jenny Haskins Lottie's Poppies
Jenny Haskins MarJen For Error Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Moulin Rouge Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Peaches' Purses
Jenny Haskins Robyn's Romance
Jenny Haskins Rosebud Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Roses for Mary
Jenny Haskins Simon's Folly Quilt Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Simon's Terrific Trims
Jenny Haskins Through The Garden Gate Special Edition
Jenny Haskins Twin Needle Shadow Work by Machine
Jenny Haskins Victorian Bows and Baskets
Jenny Haskins Victorian Fantasy with Fans
Jenny Haskins Victorian Pansies
Jenny Haskins Victorian Piano Shawl
Jenny Haskins Victorian Script and Frames
Jenny Haskins Victorian Scrolls and Curlicues
Jenny Haskins Vintage Needlework
Margaret's Magnificent Melody
Memory Card #108 (Applique Monogram)
Memory Card #109 (Christmas I)
Memory Card #110 (Christmas II)
Memory Card #111 (Women's Sports)
Memory Card #113 (Wild Life & Fishing)
Memory Card #118 (Border)
Memory Card #122 (Gobelin Stitch Floral Designs)
Memory Card #131 (Cross Stitch Border Designs)
Memory Card #134 (Christmas 1)
Memory Card #137 (Floral Monogram Designs 1)
Memory Card #138 (Big Floral Designs)
Memory Card #139 (Baby Bits Designs)
Memory Card #147 (Pet Bird Designs)
Memory Card #151 (Christmas Collectibles)
Memory Card #155 (Flower Designs)
Memory Card #156 (Border Designs 3)
Memory Card #158 (Victorian Rose Designs)
Memory Card #160 (Teddy Bear Designs)
MicroEmbroidery Kit
PC Card #1008 (Small Floral Collection)
PC Card #1009 (Victorian Rose Collection)
PC Card #1010 (Flower Collection)
PC Card #1011 (K-Lace Peacock Collection I)
PC Card #1012 (K-Lace Peacock Collection II)
PC Card #1013 (Lace Collection)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1014 (Christmas Collection II)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1015 (Oriental Collection)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1016 (Teddy Bear Collection)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1017 (White Lily Collection)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1018 (Redwork Collection)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1019 (Applique Collection-Afternoon Brew)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1020 (Woodland Times)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1021 (White Embroidery Collection)
PC Card/CD-ROM #1022 (Blackwork Collection)
Professional Quilting Kit