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Tape Binder, 15mm-50mm (1000CP & 900CP)

Part Number: 795845000
A perfect complement to the existing 8mm - 32mm Tape Binder, the 15mm - 50mm Tape Binder for the CoverPro increases the widths of bindings you may use to add decorative detail to projects. Use this Tape Binder to insert bias tape for accenting projects. The bias is folded and held in place by the guide. Butt the fabric against the edge of the bias tape from the left side to attach. You can also use this foot to cover fabric on piping.

Makes finished binding of 15mm (1/2") using a 50mm piece of bias binding tape.

Note: The 15mm - 50mm tape binder must be used with the face plate and binder foot included with the 8mm - 32mm tape binder (795838103).