The right tool for the job makes every sewing task easier. From presser feet, to software, PC Design cards and the exclusive Clothsetter, Janome creates a full line of accessories to ensure that every project gets done easily and accurately.
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Extension Tables

An extension table fits snugly against your sewing machine, giving you a much larger work surface. Extension tables provide extra support for your sewing and quilting projects. See your Janome dealer for the extension table that fits your model. Acrylic tables are 18" x 24" unless otherwise marked.

Part Numbers for Your Model:
MC11000 with Macro Hoop (24" x 24"): DW11K
MC10001, MC10000 with Giga Hoop (24" x 24"): DW10KGIGA
MC10001, MC10000: DW10KREG
350E, 300E, MC9700, MC9500 with Giga Hoop (24" x 24"): DW300E95GIGA
MC9500: DW9500
MC9000: DW9000
MC5700, MC5000: DW5700
MC4800QC, MC4800: DW4800QC
MC3500, MC4000, MC3000: DW3500
4014, 4018, 4023, 4123, 2014LE: DW4014
661 JEM GOLD II, 660 JEM, 662 JEM SILVER: DW660
661 JEM GOLD II, 660 JEM, 662 JEM SILVER (11 1/2" x 15"): DWJR660
DE5124, 5024, 5018, 4618LE, S-3015, 3123: DWDECOR
415, 419S, 405, 423S: DW415
RX18S, 108, 344, L372, L392, 4612LE, 108, 110: DWRX18S
MC4900QC: DW4900QC
521, 525S, 625E: DW521-525S
JP720, JP760: DW720-760
JP720, JP760 (11 1/2" x 15"): DWJR720-760
744D, 734D: DW744D
DC3018, DC3050, DC2007LE: DWDC3018-50
1110DX: DW1110DX
FM-725: DWFM725
6260QC, 6125QC, 6019QC: 489701005 (resin)
HT2008: DWHT2008