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Tips for Sewing with the Quilt Binder Set

Tips for using the Quilt Binder Foot:
1. The two upper screws adjust the folds to allow you to set the position of the binding’s top and bottom folds.

2. Adjust the needle drop position as well as the screws to achieve stitching that is close to the inside edge of the binding.

3. Sewing the folded binding at about 3/8” when beginning makes it easier to insert the edge of the quilt into the fold with the needle in the fabric.
4. When using thicker fabric or making the double folded strip for the binding, cut the strips 1/8” narrower than the standard 2” to enable smooth insertion of the fabric into the attachment.
5. Sew with the two-prong AcuFeed or even feed foot for smooth feeding and to avoid wrinkling of the fabric, even when working with different fabric thicknesses.