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Using the Hemmer Foot

The Hemmer Foot stitches a narrow, double-turn edge finish suitable for hemming ruffles, napkins, tablecloths, blouses, sheer fabrics and more. Janome offers three different versions, the 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Read below for our tips on general use, as well as specialty applications.

Getting Started
1. Place a fabric square right side up under the foot.
2. Using a straight stitch, start sewing about ¾” before the corner.
3. Stitch toward the corner about 1/8” from the edge.
4. Remove the fabric, but do not cut the thread ends. Leave a 6-8” length of thread.
5. Turn fabric wrong side up..
6. Use the thread tail to guide the fabric into the scroll of the foot.
7. Stitch the hem.

Turning Corners
1. Attach the 4mm or 6mm Hemmer foot.
2. Form a hem as described above.
3. Pin the hem parallel to the edge.
4. Place a small piece of stabilizer under the hem.
5. Stitch approximately ¾” before feeding the fabric.
6. Stitch the hem.

Crossing a Seam
1. Sew two squares together with a ½” seam
2. Trim the seam allowance to reduce the bulk.
3. Use a glue stick to keep the seam allowance flat during hemming.
4. Stitch hem in place following the basic technique above.

Special Effects
1. Choose a decorative stitch such as a Shell Stitch or Blind Hem Stitch.
2. Stitch hem in place. The decorative stitch will result in a special effect.
3. Adjust the stitch width for additional hemming finishes.