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Silk Elegance Blouse

Janet Miller, of Able Sewing Machine in Raynham, MA, created this beautiful blouse using her Janome Needle Felting machine. Read on to find a unique way to incorporate needle felting into garment sewing.

When people think about needle felitng, they often think of a country-style project or primitive art. Well, you can also make elegant fabric and create gorgeous outfits!

This Silk Elegance Blouse was made using Silk Dupioni. The silk was needle felted for the font panels, to create a deeper texture. This blouse was created using Butterick pattern number 4023, view C.

All instructions for the construction of the blouse were followed with the following exception: Before cutting out piece number 10, two panels need to be prepared. Measure the pattern piece and add 6” to each side and 6” to the top and bottom (these pieces will be needle felted, and this process causes the fabric to shrink). Cut out these two rectangles.

Set up the FM-725 with 5 needles and the five-hole needle plate. Starting in the center of the fabric, needle felt the fabric at medium speed in a circular motion, working out toward the edges. Completely felt the fabric piece. Back fabric with Fusi-knit.

Draw the pattern piece onto the fabric and stabilize the top part with Totally Stable. Position embroidery design of your choice (Janet used the White Embroidery Collection CD, #1021, design #17). Use the Clothsetter for perfect placement. Stitch. Flip design to make a mirror image for the other panel. Stitch. Remove stabilizer, leaving Fusi-Knit in place for added body.

Cut panels out using pattern piece. Do not use your drawn lines in case embroidery changed the size of the drawn lines. Follow pattern instructions for the remainder of the blouse. For added elegance and reference, stitch the pattern number into the collar stand using built in alphabets from the MC 11000.