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Quilter's Short Stitch

Quilters like to start and end some seams with a series of small stitches, rather than utilizing Janome’s Auto Lock stitch, or a back stitch. Here is a convenient way to use the customizable direct keypad stitches on the Memory Craft 6600, and be able to quickly change between a customized short stitch and a regular straight stitch.

These instructions are written for the Memory Craft 6600 Professional, but this idea can also be utilized by the Memory Craft 4900.

1. With machine on, select Mode 1, Stitch 2 (D2). Touch the “+” side of the Stitch Width Key, until the stitch width (needle position) is 3.5.

2. Touch the “–“side of the Stitch Length Key, until the stitch length is 1.0.

3. Touch the Memory Recall button (Both the altered stitch width/needle position of 3.5, and the stitch length of 1.0 is shown).

4. Touch the red M button (located at the bottom right hand corner of the keypad) to customize these settings.

Notice that both the needle position and stitch length have been customized and a small C is next to both stitch width and length settings? Your Memory Craft 6600 Professional will keep these customized settings, even if you turn the machine off. You now have a custom short stitch to start and end seams with, and can easily toggle between Stitch 1 (regular stitch length) and Stitch 2 (your new customized short stitch).

Note: If you want to clear these changes, merely touch the Memory Recall button when this stitch is selected, and touch the C button located on the bottom left hand corner of the keypad. Stitch D2 will return to the factory settings of 0.5 needle position, and 2.2 stitch length.