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Decorative Twin Needle Hem

This hem is especially useful for sheer fabrics where a traditional hem would show through.

Janome Supplies Required
Any Janome Sewing Machine with an Outline Scallop Stitch
Zigzag foot A
Janome embroidery thread

Fabric and Notions Required
2mm Twin needle
Water-soluble stabilizer

1. Attach zigzag foot A
2. Insert the Twin needle.
3. Select the Scallop stitch. Adjust the width to 5.0 and length to 1.0. If necessary, loosen the tension to keep the fabric flat.
Hint: Experiment with the stitch width and length, as well as with the tension setting, to get the best result.
4. Press the hem allowance to the wrong side.
5. Place water-soluble stabilizer under the fabric to add stability.
6. Sew from the right side so that stitching is at least ½” from the raw edge of the hem allowance.
7. Tear away the stabilizer and trim excess fabric close to the scallop stitch on the underside.