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Using J-Hoops on the MB4

Embroidery done by Maddie Bushman and Mary Carollo.

The MB4 is a stand alone free arm embroidery machine that can do so much more than was ever imagined. Using one of the many hoops available for this wondrous machine embroidery can be done on the legs of jeans (large or small) ever so easy without opening the side seams. In addition gloves, tote bags, purses, shirt pockets, collars, sleeves and a host of other items are no longer a challenge or impossible. Embroidering with the MB4 provides a professional finish.

There is a large assortment of free arm “J” hoops available for the MB4.

The legs of these toddler jeans were embroidered using the J6 No.2 hoop.

Design #8 for the M3 hoop from the built in memory and a butterfly from the Stitchitize 4000 collection are the featured embroidery designs.

Hooping was done from the bottom of the leg(s) and from the opened unzipped waist. The letter on the pocket was embroidered using the J1 No. 11 hoop.

The shirt sleeves were embroidered using the J3 hoop No.13.

The collar was embroidered using the J1 No. 11 hoop.

(For adult size jeans it is suggested that the J7 No. 1 hoop or the J8 No.7 be used)

To navigate to select the J hoops do the following:

1. Select the desired design.
2. Select the edit tab.
3. Select the hoop tab
4. Select the J hoop tab – the hoops that will accommodate the design will be highlighted.
5. Select the hoop that will best fit the design and the item to be embroidered.

Note – some designs can be reduced in size to fit the desired hoop for the project. If the design does not fit properly in the hoop an error message may appear indicating that the design will be modified to fit the hoop.