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Needle Felted Jacket

Janet Miller of Able Sewing in Raynham, MA made this amazing jacket with the help of the Janome FM-725. Janet created the detailing on the front of the jacket by needle felting silk in diagonal lines to create the unique cross-hatched texture. She then inserted the needle felted fabric for the front jacket pattern pieces. The belt was made in a similar fashion, but needle felted all-over.


If you are looking to trying this technique, these guidelines may help you achieve the best results:
Felt your fabric before cutting it for the pattern pieces, as the felting will cause the fabric to shrink somewhat. Once the fabric has been needle felted, steam it lightly to flatten the puffed areas. It does not require additional stabilization or interfacing, and can be used as any other fabric for completing the garment.

Silk may not be an obvious choice for machine needle felting, but its texture and coloring make it stunning. The dual coloring of dupioni creates a unique effect. amazing what the right tools and some creative vision can achieve!