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Free Motion Lettering


Even if your Janome machine doesn't have lettering built in, you can still "write" with embroidery. Just follow these easy instructions.

Janome Supplies Needed

  • Janome Sewing Machine
  • Darning Foot to fit machine
  • 75/11 Blue Tip Needle
  • Janome Embroidery thread, color of choice

Notions Required

  • 7" Wooden embroidery hoop
  • Stabilizer: Iron-on tear-away
  • Water soluble fabric marking pen


  1. Set up Machine for Free Motion Embroidery. Drop feed dogs, and attach the P2 Darning foot.
  2. Select zig-zag stitch. Change width to 2.0 and length to 0.5.
  3. Wind a bobbin with Janome Embroidery thread and place in bobbin holder. Place the same color Janome Embroidery thread in the needle.
  4. Write Monogram, Logo or Lettering on your project with water soluble marking pen.
  5. Iron stabilizer on back of fabric.
  6. Place fabric in the bottom of the embroidery hoop (not on the top as with hand embroidery). Secure the hoop tightly.
    Note: Sew a test for the zig-zag length. You will want close zig-zags (satin stitch) but not so close that the fabric is difficult to move.
  7. Drop your needle at the start point of your first letter. Turn the handwheel to raise the needle, while drawing up the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric.
  8. Holding on to the top thread and the bottom thread, sew a couple of stitches in place to secure the threads. Clip the threads close to the fabric.
  9. Place your hands on the embroidery hoop and start sewing slowly, gradually building up to medium speed. Move the hoop as if you were writing, following your drawn lines.
    Note: If you have never done Free Motion Embroidery, make a test piece to get into your rhythm. It is very easy and will open up a world of possibilities for you.