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Digitizer 10000 Digitizer 10000 to Digitizer MBX 4.0 ONLY Upgrade Utility – (NOT FOR MBX 4.5) | Download Now

Please use this utility prior to installing the DigitizerMBX 4.0 ONLY upgrade from Digitizer 10000. Do not use if you are upgrading to Digitizer MBX 4.5; follow the instructions provided in your upgrade kit.


Remove all dongles, even old parallel or usb dongle prior to running this utility.

(If the Digitizer 10000 dongle is the parallel type, this utility must be run on your older PC with the parallel port in order to successfully upgrade to the Digitizer MBX software.)

Please make sure the anti-virus software and firewall are completely disabled.

1. Click on this link - to start the download and select Save when prompted.
2. Save the file to the desktop (or some other location that is easily remembered)
3. Double click the file once the download is complete
4. Follow the prompts to upgrade the dongle – attach dongles ONLY when prompted
5. When the upgrade is complete, remove both dongles and install only the MBX software on the new PC….OR if installing on same PC, leave the new dongle attached to the PC and insert the MBX DVD into the DVD drive – you will need to remove the D10K dongle, which will no longer be functional.
6. Follow the prompts to install the MBX software.