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Memory Craft 200E v.1.02 | Download Now

This upgrade program is available for owners of the Memory Craft 200E Version 1.00 or 1.01. It resolves problems with writing/reading USB memory keys on the MC200E. Before installing, please check the current version number of your MC200E.

1. Download the file.
2. With your mouse, right click on a file, select 'Extract All', and follow the prompts to extract the file from the zipped folder. You will now have two files, “200eprogram.dat” and “200eresource.dat”.
3. Place the files on a USB memory key. 
4. Insert the USB memory key into the MC200E.
5. Turn the power switch ON.
6. Once the "Press Start/Stop button" message appears, press the S/S button.
7. The machine will automatically start updating.
8. Once the "Finish" message appears, turn the power switch OFF and remove the USB memory key from the MC200E.
9. Turn the power switch ON again and check that Version 1.02 appears on the screen.