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Memory Craft 11000 Update to Version 1.31 | Download Now

WARNING: Do NOT upload to your Memory Craft Special Edition; it will "downgrade" your Special Edition to a previous "non" Special Edition version of the Memory Craft 11000. 

The Memory Craft 11000 Version 1.31 program update has these new improvements:
More stable needle threading - the needle now moves to the left needle position when the threader lowers.
The Trace key now divides into two on the screen.

Smarter Resume functions - Resume will keep your current settings information, even if the mode changes from embroidery to sewing after pressing the Sewing mode key on the top right of the screen. There are now two Resume mode set keys for both embroidery and sewing in the Set mode so that sewists can set Resume for embroidery and sewing respectively.

Improved tracing with basting stitches - the machine will baste around the embroidery area with a 5 mm allowance when the "tracing with basting stitch" is selected. (An allowance will be null if the pattern spreads over the maximum limit of embroidery area).
Longer basting stitches - the stitch length for basting can be set up to 12 mm. For the first three stitches, so as to avoid a skipped stitch, the length is 2 mm. At the end of stitching, the thread is trimmed automatically.
Reverse stitch lengthened - the stitch length has increased from 2.5 mm and can be set up to 5 mm.
Improved reading of data from the CD-Rom drive - even if the design is 150KB (75,000 stitches) or over on the CD, it can be read from the CD-Rom drive to the machine via USB cable correctly.

Instructions for Download:

1. Download the update here.

2. Scroll to the Memory Craft 11000 Heading. Click the link for Memory Craft 11000 – Update to Version 1.31.

3. Click the red rectangle to download the update. You will get a box that asks if you want to run or save the file? Click Save.

4. A Save As dialog box will appear. If the Save in: box is not pointing to Desktop, click the down arrow in the Save in: box to get a map of your computer. Click Desktop to have it appear in the Save in: box. Click the Save button to download the mc11kv131.exe file to your Desktop. When you get the download complete box, you can close your Internet Explorer.

5. An icon titled mc11kv131.exe will be on your Desktop:

6. Double click the mc11kv131.exe icon to execute the install. Click the Run button when you see the security warning. Click the Next button through each screen of the InstallShield to install the update, which will be placed in a folder under the Janome subfolder, which is under the Program Files Folder, and is titled Memory Craft 11000 update. The path will be:

C:\Program Files\janome\Memory Craft 11000 update

Open Windows Explorer or My Computer to find the Memory Craft 11000 update folder.

7. Double click the Memory Craft 11000 update folder to open it. You will see nine files. Double click the MC11000 update icon.

8. Insert a clean compact flash (ATA) card into your computer. You can clean the card either by formatting it in a MC11000 or by deleting all files using Windows Explorer or My Computer. The compact flash card must be at least 32 mg and no greater than 512 mg. It is not recommended to use a memory stick for updating.

Read the instruction page. When you are ready to write the update files to the compact flash, click the Start Copying button. The four update files will be written to the card. Remove the card from the computer and follow the directions to update the MC11000.