Easy Import Lessons:
Lesson 1 - I'm Going To Create A New Design. How Do I Make The Design Fit In A Specific Hoop?
Lesson 2 - What Is That Message Box I Get When I Open A Design?
Lesson 3 - It Doesn't Look Like The Entire Design Is Showing. Is Something Missing?
Lesson 4 - Create Custom Background Colors
Lesson 5 - How To Access .SEW Files
Lesson 6 - How To Convert SEW Files To JEF
Working with Graphic Images Lessons:
Lesson 7 - Magnifying the Bitmap Design

There are two ways of magnifying the bitmap design. Both involve the Zoom Drawing icon.

Lesson 8 - Using the Eraser

You can modify your bitmap right on the screen by using the eraser function.

Lesson 9 - Using the Pencil

You can modify your bitmap right on the screen by using the pencil function.

Lesson 10 - Assigning Stitches to an Image

Assigning stitches to an image only works with bitmap outlines.

Lesson 11 - Assigning Line Stitches To An Outlined Graphic

Even graphics that are already in outline form need to go through a preparation process.

Lesson 12 - How Do You Bring In A Graphic Image?
Lesson 13 - Tracing Options And Line Thickness

When you use the graphic preparation process for your own graphics, occasionally they don't come out the way you would like them to.

Lesson 14 - What Is Color Sensitivity?

To enable a finer tone separation, you can adjust sensitivity in the graphic.

Lesson 15 - Auto Register And Outlined Graphics

You'll learn how to use Auto Register to digitize outlined graphics.

Lesson 16 - Sizing Graphics
Lesson 17 - Using All Lines Function for Specific Areas

The All Lines Function can be used to isolate specific areas of your graphic and add emphasis to those areas.

Lesson 18 - What Is That Message When I Open A Design?

Customizer 10000 EasyImport will save the processed, outlined bitmap image along with the embroidery design you create.

Lesson 19 - How To Use the Auto Register Function of EasyImport
Lesson 20 - My Graphic Image Is Not A Bitmap

This lesson requires the use of the Windows 98/2000 Microsoft Paint program, with the ability to read graphic images in .jpg format.

Printing Templates Lessons:
Lesson 21 - Printing a Template - Color Sequence (Version 2.2)

An outline template with color separation boxes can be printed from Easy Import.

Lesson 22 - Printing a Template - Color Sequence (Customizer 10000 Plus)

You can print templates/color sequences from the EasyImport program. You can even choose how you want your template to print.

Easy Edit Lessons:
Lesson 23 - Overview

You'll get an overview of how you can use Easy Edit Software with the Clothsetter to place embroidery exactly where you want it.

Lesson 24 - Creating a Template
Lesson 25 - Creating an Embroidery Layout

You'll learn how to create embroidery layouts in EasyEdit, turn them into templates for perfect placement, and then print them.

Lesson 26 - Lettering

EasyEdit provides the ability to place lettering in your design.

Lesson 27 - Resizing, Skewing, and Rotating Designs
Lesson 28 - Multiple-Page Embroidery Layouts

You'll learn to create layouts on multiple pages of paper – up to 3 pages up and 3 pages down.

Lesson 29 - Cornering and Centering Design
You’ll learn how to create designs in EasyEdit by cornering and/or centering them.
EasyGigaHoop Lessons:
Lesson 30 - Overview
When used with EasyGigaHoop software, your creativity is endless! It is necessary, however, to understand how the software works, how the Giga Hoop works, and how they both work together with the Memory Craft 10000.
Lesson 31 - Set Up A Design
In this lesson we will set up a design using *.jef files.
Lesson 32 - Arrangement Files
Once a design is on the layout screen, it can be saved as an*.arg file, so you don't have to recreate it if you need it in the future.
Lesson 33 - Lettering
EasyGigaHoop provides the ability to place lettering in your design.
Lesson 34 - Communicating with Memory Craft 10000
Please see Customizer 10000 - EasyImport - Lessons 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 to review sending, receiving and deleting designs from the Memory Craft 10000.
Lesson 35 - Printing Templates
Printing templates is a wonderful feature of EasyGigaHoop. When combined with the Clothsetter 10000, it enables exact placement of your embroidery design.
Lesson 36 - Layout Variations
The "Floral" layout, in EasyGigaHoop Lesson 2 showed you how designs can be positioned to create the appearance of one very large embroidery.
Lesson 37 - Perfect Alignment
Making a few adjustments at the time you go to sew your embroidery will result in your GigaHoop project being perfectly aligned.
Editing Parts Lessons:
Lesson 38 - Deleting
Lesson 39 - Combining Thread Color
Lesson 40 - Changing Color
Lesson 41 - Changing Stitch Type
Lesson 42 - Creating Shading
Lesson 43 - Magnifying the Completed Embroidery
Lesson 44 - Creating Cross Stitch
Lesson 45 - How To Use The Make Modify Stitch Command
Customizer 10000 - Customizer 10000 Plus Lessons:
Lesson 46 - Compare Customizer 10000 Plus to Digitizer 10000
Lesson 47 - Customizer 10000 Plus Overview